@beau yeah it would go under delegation as an implementation

@ntnsndr Gotcha. Where does consul fit here? Under Consensus?

@ntnsndr consulproject.org/en/ Very high adoption in some locations; most Barcelonans (?) have an account, iiuc

Thanks @dazinism I am interested, possibly to the point of collaboration @ntnsndr :)

A concern of mine is DRY (do not repeat). I started a collection of practices that helped a group I was working with some years ago here: yunity.atlassian.net/wiki/spac (a bit more low-level than the articles you started) and since then I've seen several other collections of tools. I notice that your MkDocs files have no prepended YAML: is it supported?

Would you like to chat?

@dazinism @ntnsndr Answered my own question re. YAML front matter: yes.


Which is great, because markdown + YFM (YAML Front Matter) is becoming pretty standard across a range of generators, and I think portability across different apps/views is very important (and I guess you too: we're chatting on Mastodon!)

@douginamug @dazinism Yes, thanks for this! I was actually at first considering Jekyll for this, and it may end up being useful to switch to it, for which YAML would be helpful. I didn't use YAML in these templates so far just because I didn't see the data being useful at this point, especially since mkdocs doesn't support tagging. That may become a problem.

@douginamug BTW, added the yunity directory here, in the interest of solidarity: medlabboulder.gitlab.io/democr

To me the main difference may be that DM is focused on more scalable governance patterns, designed less for small groups and more for large networks.

Looking forward to talking more!

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