Ugh I'm sorta wanting to revive the idea—a cloud services co-op. What would make this worthwhile to you?

Would it have the same funding and organisation structure?

@ntnsndr @tbeckett

@wu_lee @tbeckett More or less. I'd want to experiment with some different approaches based on the experience. We need more experiments!

Overall, yes I would like to use coop cloud tools, assuming they were run well and weren't too expensive compared to the value they provide.

Can you suggest what these different approaches would be?

@ntnsndr @tbeckett

Other tech service co-ops exist, right?

Maybe cooperate in some larger way?

But in direct response to "What would make this worthwhile to you?": easy hosted ActivityPubs and other federated and collaborative apps with good user support.

@ntnsndr If I can create and share documents and spreadsheets (and calendars), and I can use email, and I can tie them all together seamlessly, then I'm in.

@ntnsndr Also, I might know people who could help. Depends on the details.

@ntnsndr What would this have that May First doesn't already offer?

@Steve we could start with NextCloud but be more flexible than MayFirst in adding other apps. MF is focused on its primary hosting role and isn't able to be as responsive with cloud services.

@ntnsndr Yes, we could do that, but NextCloud has dozens of apps. Most people's eyes start to cross after eight or ten. I think we need not so much more apps, but better apps.

@Steve And I mean not just Nextcloud apps, but others such as what Cloudron currently offers:

@ntnsndr Could we talk May First into this? That seems faster/easier/simpler than starting from scratch.

@Steve I have been nudging them on this for years. They do amazing work, but the resources are very limited and personal cloud services are not their primary focus, so there's little capacity

@ntnsndr I hear you, but I worry about reinventing the wheel (and not just in this case). Maybe there's a way that a new venture could be complementary to what they do, or at the very least, low-key competition.

@Steve I totally share your concern. I was all in for May First maximalism but got pretty clear signals about their priorities. I would see this not as competition but complementarity. I would certainly continue hosting with MF regardless (and paying double my dues in appreciation).

@ntnsndr I definitely see a place for expanding beyond what's offered by May First (or Gaia Host, or Electric Embers). But while it might be efficient for you to offer icing on top of their cake, there would be sticky issues around tying clients' existing digital identities to your new services, especially across providers (including none of the above).

@ntnsndr I had hoped to be able to offer help on this, but no one around me is willing to re-climb the learning curve on email and related services, much less pay for the privilege. Everyone is locked in.


What about gathering a few cooperative instances of Mastodon (is it only us and sunbeam city?) and going in on hosting and software maintenance for a start?

As for tools, I like the Disroot package, and would add Mastodon, Loomio, GitLab and Jitsi.

I would argue for as many tools as possible to be cooperatively owned.

@Matt_Noyes is the Disrupt package just NextCloud? Seems like it

Diaspora, Discourse... one thing I like about your idea is that we could host variety of platforms.
I think the advantage of hosting Mastodon would be to share the cost with other instances (or even earn some income), who might like the idea of being on a co-op hosting service.

@Matt_Noyes i'd rather not start with Mastodon but focus on other things that doesn't do.

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