I just got an email: "If @evan is just squatting, can I get that handle?"

@mattcropp @neil @SocialCoop

Possibly we should have an up-front rule about unused accounts with no subscriptions?

However, currently I don't know how to find out who has subscribed, nor which mastodon account they use, if any.

@nicksellen @neil @ntnsndr @evan @mattcropp @SocialCoop @admin

Hey, @mattcropp, @ntnsndr Does the data link subscribers with accounts?

There is (well, was) a questionnaire for new members, which we have the database for. I had a look at that, but the questions don't seem to aim to do more than market research. No way of identifying sign-ups with subscriptions.

I think we should probably check the trends of subscriptions, and their renewals.

@nicksellen @protean @neil

The main thing we on @admin can use to identify anyone is the email address @evan subscribed with, which may or may not be receiving notifications about this conversation.

However, a search for other evans finds @evanburchard, who might be the same user?

Anyway, I'll send an email to both users to ask if they don't reply here.

@neil @ntnsndr @mattcropp @SocialCoop

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