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This is tonight! In 4 hours!

Come watch the grand opening of the Hammerplaits Magma Moat, and take your rightful place in the history of the Axe of Wines. Possess a Hammerplaits dwarf and bear witness to the first moment of our glorious future!

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I'm working on a mod for that adds some limited "co-op mode" support: folks watching my Twitch stream will be able to "possess" a dwarf and take some control of them, see their innermost thoughts and feelings, and decide their role in the fortress.

If that sounds like fun to you, I'm going to be trying it out for the first time on Wednesday, 6.30pm PST! Follow me on Twitch to get a notification:

I'm looking for interesting drawing blogs to follow, specifically interested in folks who talk about their process or theories about drawing. Suggestions?

TIL about unionfs-fuse. You can overlay a bunch of directories together and get copy-on-write behavior super easily:

$ unionfs top-dir=RW:bottom-dir=RO unified-dir

unified-dir will have all the contents of bottom-dir + top-dir merged together, and if you write or modify a file in unified-dir, it will appear in top-dir, but not in bottom-dir.

Leave it to Japan to gamify social good:

Co-op Kobe has created a system through which those without a smart phone can “order” tasks that they would like help with (in the illustration, taking out the garbage). The co-op then will mail them some QR codes to stick on the “task”and will send push notifications to those who have registered to help in the area. Whoever does the task, scans the QR code and gets credit at the coop.

I’m looking to learn how to write better C.

Any pointers?

The computers on the Voyager probes have over 40 years of uptime, and have been patched at distances measured in light-hours. How?

Reliability, redundancy, reconfigurability.

Radiation-hardened parts, cross-connectible backups, all memory is RAM.

They've patched 'em to have better data compression and more efficient forward error correction as distance resulted in reduced bandwidth.

Can cache data when there's no signal. Have turned off instruments to save power.


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vim joke, lewd adjacent 

yeah i'm dtf

deleting up to but not including the first occurrence of the character "f" on this line

me, discussing any consumer product except soap: 'i mean, there's no ethical consumption under capitalism so it's your call how to prioritize supporting unions, keeping your budget manageable, being comfortable or whatever else; only you know what's best for you.'

me, discussing Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soap: "my dude, if your soap isn't woke are you even getting clean?? my soap wants to legalize drugs and save the bees! All-One or None, motherfucker!"

I just discovered this YouTube channel where a guy puts a bit of pond in a jar and then takes videos of it over the course of a year as the ecosystem evolves, and I love it.

Legit question, not trolling: are there any blockchain projects that are not bad? All the "currencies" are not actually currencies, and everything else I've seen is overhyped junk tying itself to the "crypto" brand for no apparent reason.

What's something actually useful and/or interesting based on tech?

I was near to my own Bed. I am so spiritually moved!

— ïngiz Nomalonol, hammerer

twitters big improvement theyve been teasing is shutting down the website

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