I wanna follow more folks on here, my feed is too sparse. I'm interested in , , , , and like... cool chill creative folks who talk about things other than the news. Who should I follow?

@nornagon want boosts? I don't follow a lot of people either but some of my followers probs do :)

@nornagon Oh hey there! We've met, sorta, via @relsqui. My posting don't really fit cleanly into any of those hashtags but I feel like I'm adjacent to most of them, ha!

@nornagon hmmmm maybe add a bit more data to your profile, that might help to get a few more mutuals

@kyzh thanks for the suggestion! I'd ... forgotten what was even in my profile. Filled it out a bit :)

I've also noticed a lot of people doing pinned toots as introductions, which seems like a good idea!

@nornagon i talk abt anarchism n all sorts of other shit!

@nornagon Not to toot my own horn but I'm into those things(especially #gamedev, which is how I found this post). I'll follow!

@nornagon I dunno, man. seems to have some pretty chill people on it. Don’t follow me though, I’m not creative at all.

@cy imma follow you anyway, you"re not the boss of me

@cy (remote follow seems to be broken on your instance btw! had to search you on my local instance and press follow there)

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