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Okay, let's say I want to start a tech cooperative. Where do I even start?

*witnesses somebody finishing something they started* w...wha. how did u do that??

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uh yes. hello. I'm talking to you all at 1am because I spent hours learning that element.querySelector always starts its search at document root, and not at the given element. absolutely baffling, particularly if you have recursive DOMs. freaking heck it prints "C" and not "D".

"brexit means brexit! brexit means brexit!", i continue to insist as i shrink and turn into a snap election

well i’m probably not going to have a job by the end of the week. good riddance

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Is your son talking about Jesus online? Know the signs:

GRS: God Really Saves
FFS: Fools Follow Satan
HRT: Holy Roly Trinity

put it in your mouth and make your body go vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

17776: "What football will look like in the future" came out a year ago, and it's still one of the greatest pieces of fiction of the past decade

microsoft internet explorer: battle royale

I think broke, am only seeing >10hrs ago in my personal timeline, and the global timeline is just the local timeline :/

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It really is amazing how much of the global economy is built on literally nothing; thin air. Pointless work for pointless pay. If we restructured economics to be needs-based, how many bullshit jobs - even whole bullshit industries, would dissolve overnight?

tfw i have get so anxious about being 10 minutes late to work that i have to take the day off. timekeeping policy working as intended

Hey, I'm Em! Been using Mastodon for a while, but figured I'd migrate over to to satisfy my obsession with co-operative democracy.

Talk Bookchin to me ;)

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