i'm moving to @noemi@enby.club permanently. see you from there :)

i’m gonna keep saying the words “four day work week” until it happens

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The #golang #ActivityPub go-fed library now has a website. It has a 1999 landing page, a tutorial held up by smoke and mirrors, and Go documentation autogenerated by gnomes.

The server hosting it is tiny so please don't hug it to death.


Still not convinced? How about a stupid slogan:

"Why wait 'til tomorrow? go-fed.today!"

@brainblasted i’m interested! is there a repo i can check out?

I find it remains one of the English language's worst shortcomings that "I empathize with you" and "I did something wrong and wish to apologize" both take the form of "I'm sorry".

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What I Would Tell My 20YO Self:
-Avoid snacks, soda, and processed carbs.
-Get in the habit of going to the gym.
-Dental visits, every six months.
-Learn how money works. Start investing.
-Understanding people and organizations is as important as knowing your discipline.
-Learn to spot abusive/toxic organizations and people, and avoid them.
-There are so many good, moral people in the world. Choose your friends from among them.
-Always be working toward something.

Forget #Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium etc... We should switch our currency to potatoes

- Works in any century as a medium of exchange
- Delicious and healthy
- Inherently shows proof of work
- Best of all, hacker proof (unless you own a knife)

I made a list of resources on the Spanish Revolution a year ago. Since the anniversary was yesterday, I thought I'd post it here.


@codl i would love to contribute more to open source projects but then i would have to talk to the people who use open source projects ><

@squishval@toot.cat it's kinda broken :(

@squishval@toot.cat You can use the bridge to figure out who's already here (and help others find you!) bridge.joinmastodon.org

@squishval@toot.cat oh no not the tiny flies again ><

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