Okay, let's say I want to start a tech cooperative. Where do I even start?

@noemi Have you looked at the Electric Embers guide? I don’t remember if I’ve pointed you to the network.

@noemi can you expand on what you mean by "tech" in this context?

@mattcropp Ideally, think something halfway between a software development studio and an accelerator. Ideally, I want to make good (as in "good quality", but also as in "not evil") software that people want to pay money to use.

@noemi Accelerator as in it seeks to spin off autonomous co-ops?

I guess a key question is whether you're building a worker co-op studio, or a user-owned software utility? Or some interface between the two?


Step One, post this question on (done!)

Step Two, people ask you lots of questions like: what is the situation? What do you want to do? Why tech/what kind of tech? Users, makers, other? Why a co-op? Have you organized or been a member of a co-op before? What was that like? What are your dreams of success as a cooperative? What do you most want to avoid?...

@Matt_Noyes @noemi In terms of coops generally, find other people you want to do this work with. Then figure out how to do that work. One option is a buy-in to collect enough money to build up the stuff you need. You can't be the only one who takes on risk.

here at "Stin Priza" it all started with people. someone had the idea, shared it with others, things got interesting for everyone involved and we got together to make a small group. discussed our needs and wants for some months, then finished all the boring paperwork and made it happen. Since the beginning, some people left - others came, but we still enjoy working at our small tech collective. :)

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