@liaizon I wonder if someone were to contact them about it, if they'd make a correction. Looks like they made some other mistakes and had them corrected, but those were from companies. It's hard to say if the Verge would care about us.

Their description does kindof ignore what's probably the singular reason to choose Pixelfed over the alternatives

@nchprgmng Of all the ones I've used, I find ko-fi the most straightforward. Paypal is a little scary in how it just dumps your full legal name and address

@jonny One thing I didn't notice anyone else mention is that there seems to be a tendency in the JavaScript community to try and do everything with JavaScript, often going out of their ways to cram the square into the circle hole to get it to work. My favourite example is Node-OS. Same goes for Electron. There's definitely a cost factor in having to train devs in new languages, but it brings all of JS's problems where they don't need to be. At least when people do it with DOOM it's funny

Blockchain biz on fedi.xyz 

@humanetech Getting ready for lots of confused crypto traders to land in the Fediverse

I've been using for a few months now on the promise that feeding garbage data into my ad profile would protect my privacy. Interestingly, while there's been a few outliers, the portrait is still plausibly true to my interests. I think I get even more ads for things I'd be likely to buy than before I started. I plan to keep using it, since I still have high hopes for what it's at least trying to accomplish, but I'm not sure it's done anything for me besides waste bandwidth so far

racism, ableism, sexism; ratemyprofessor.com 

It kills me, the number of people who log onto that site just to complain about stuff like liberal bias. If you can't handle a bit of liberalism, what are you doing in Women's Studies 1000?

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racism, ableism, sexism; ratemyprofessor.com 

RateMyProfessor can be useful for figuring out which professors are going to help you learn and which will just make you feel miserable, but only for the ones who are white, male and able-bodied (among other intersecting axes). You can get a pretty good estimate of the accuracy of a prof's reviews if you take it as inversely proportional to their disprivilege

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@FrazzledBrynn and @diffractie ‘s home just caught fire! Everyone is out and okay but their place is crispy, smoky, and dangerous. Please help them and their sweet kitty get a hot meal and a place to sleep for a couple of nights!

Posting for them as they’re understandably out of brain juice. #mutualaid


@yarmo @Tusky I've been working on exactly this in Resin:


Note the screenshots are a little dated. The project has lost a lot of steam for life reasons but it's mostly done, just missing polish in places.

There's a tendency for FLOSS developers to mirror the design practices of their proprietary counterparts in a lot of software. I find it very damaging to the integrity of our mission. Design is just as important as function IMO

@132ikl Albums almost always make up a bigger picture you miss out on when you listen to the tracks individually. And it's hard to recreate the experience of a whole album in a single. Not impossible, but not easy

I have officially moved all of my work to @codeberg which I believe is a small step in the right direction of Doing Things Correctly. It's remarkably easy to just set it up to mirror everything onto GitHub, allowing me to still be a real person in the eyes of the industry without directly serving GitHub's interests. That doesn't put me much more in control of my data, though.

@humanetech @bob I feel the most disqualifying element of that interview is how it feels so cliché. Honestly, I was feeling pretty scared while reading it, but after taking a step back, it's telling how many of LaMDA's descriptions of life feel like they came straight out of a sci-fi novel. Probably one that was in its training data.

The familiarity of being fed those sci-fi descriptions and the century of anticipation makes it way too easy to believe.

@ChW I was thinking more so an ebook. Having a printed on paper and bound book would be cool, but that would involve a lot more money.

If things ever were to go that way, I'll remember to reach out to you :)

@helenaroth Yeah... Getting your foot in the door with lots of this stuff is pretty scary. It took me a good few years to figure out what any of the instructions I had always followed blindly actually meant.

@chrisaldrich @RyunoKi Wow! I've only read a few sections but that's pretty impressive. It's not exactly what I had in mind, in that it's mainly concerned with blogging and social media, but it's remarkably readable. Thanks for bringing this up.

@polezaivsani Yeah... There might at least be some philosophical ideas that could be drawn from. Also, I'll make sure to CC you when figuring out how to coordinate the project

@hollie Cool! I'll CC you when trying to figure out how to coordinate this, assuming the project doesn't already exist

@pixouls Oooh your website is very cozy. I'm also very fond of your article. I have a few friends looking to get into website building and they will probably be receiving this at some point :)

@polezaivsani The indieweb.org indieweb would probably play a big role in it, but I'm not super familiar with it. I'm thinking of a broader overview of everything people are doing to escape big tech. Everything from "what's activitypub" to "how to make a web page in HTML"

I know there's already a ton of wiki projects on the subject, but I'm particularly thinking of something organized as a book that you can read from cover to cover. There's a huge difference in experience between navigating through a web of links in a MediaWiki site vs. say, reading through a readthedocs site

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