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Watching Exterminate all the brutes

Sad, awful and unbelieveable look at the real history of colonialism. Why am I only hearing about the Haitian Revolution now -

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Nice article on Meet.Coop from @coopnews

"The Online Meeting Cooperative use open source software, with hardware powered by renewable energy"

I just have to try and reset the neural paths that make me go back there in every empty moment and breakl which seeks some kind of data input to fill that space.

It'd be nice to take one of the many un-read/part-read books on my shelf and have them in a narrow scrollable unpaged stream in a browser tab that remembers where I'm up to, for these moments.

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Taking the weekend out of the bird place to hang here has been a suprising reminder how much holding my head against the fire hose of the world's suffering, rage, despair, coping strategies, snark and curiosities has impacted my experience of, & perhaps contribution to, the web.

Can't begin to say how good it is to see that not only is the alive and kicking, it's accesible enough to be good for connection & self-learning without too much struggle. Thank you to all who've enabled that.

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@nicol Indeed so! Communal gardening is a very interesting prospect. One such project is - cc @flancian @bmann @vera .

I have also thought a little about this from an IndieWeb perspective.

Of course the traditional wiki is a fine example of a shared garden, but I personally tend to come at it from the P2P/distributed approach.

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Wow I love this: today is the launch of the e. e. cummings free poetry archive! A project that shows what we can do when works enter the public domain.

Behind the scenes notes:

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RT @science2_0

Today in 1964 BASIC made its debut, in an effort to take programming out of the world of machine language.

Share if you're old enough to have gotten your start with it.

Thinking today about Digital Gardening, thanks to @neil and this intro to it:, trying to answer the question of how we reservoir the good bits of the stream.

As I’ve accelerated some research in two areas recently ( and ) it’s been front of my mind. Do I want a wiki or better use of tags in my CMS? Have been using Pocket to capture but it feels half the solution; I can only export a text file of links. And how to collaborate on that research?

*Albion, not Alba. As in the pre-Roman name for Britain. Somehow I’d forgotten last night it’s not interchangeable with Alba, Celtic for Scotland and also the name of an Alex Salmond egowash. A reminder to me that all of Britain was largely Celtic pre-Romans.

Britannia has stayed with me today. Jez Butterworth, whose Ferryman play was good if-not-Brian Friel, has done a remarkable thing over two seasons of making the drama feel balanced. It’s a 19 part story (still incomplete), not 19 episodes.

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I like this article, it has a bit of a reflection on how to foster civic participation. The idea of looking to open source software project participation is a bit of a double-edged sword, but interesting food for thought nonetheless.

"Participation is not only about quantity but, perhaps more importantly, about how it materializes—who speaks and in what way—and technology can hide understanding of these processes."

We can’t speak of increasing diversity and breaking barriers if there is an entrance fee for spaces of expression. $1/month is nothing for me — for some in the world it’s an hour or day’s pay. My excitement about is tempered by fear of creating new hierarchies in cultural access.

Anyway this is all a long pre-amble to say I’m incredibly grateful to those who created and maintain Mastodon and Thank you. Gaining these reflections from being here is a lesson and gift.

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Subscription models aren’t some perfect alternative tho. Shooting People charged people to post messages, and delayed mailings 3 days to those who didn’t. I’d joke we’d perfected a dystopia where people paid to read the content others had paid to write. In retrospect it wasn’t needed, the subscription could have been voluntary. Just like how all benefit from the pro-worker legislation that unions push for, using the dues some workers contribute.

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But of course while the openness of Web 2.0 might have been driven by the blogosphere—it was spaces whose business model is quantity not quality which drove it. If you need ads you want everyone there — racists, hate-preachers and all. Content is just something meaningless to glue eyeballs to a device ‘users’ stroke in between seeing adverts.

The surprise of this last year is these networks somehow allowing someone who generates less content, to beat the content-goldmine of Trump/insurrection.

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Which brings me to my final thing: moderation. My belief in this place back in 2017 came from the fact it had a model to pay a moderator, if so needed.
When I started in 2004 writing about the open web in only positive terms, it was after my experience as a moderator for — a Mailman mailing list turned community of indie film people where we’d added a £20/year sub to pay —primarily— for human moderation.

I never imagined the open web would dream of ditching moderators.

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But inherent in that great democratisation and innovation in communication comes - for me at least - a barrier to speaking freely. I’ve tried to blog three times this year (the first time in four years) and been struck that I’ve forgotten how, which I think comes down to micro-editing every expression, policing every verb.

We need to take care but we cannot censor ourselves for risk of a typo or mis-speak at this vital make or break moment for the planet. Speak freely until challenged, surely.

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And so I do something I’ve never done, but which stands perhaps as bridge between blogging which I’ve long forgotten how to do, and the open conversation of Twitter.

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a thread there without having drafted all the replies in advance so I can number them and guarantee a decent ending. It seems a place to craft headlines, not stories — altho of course the best there can write a thread that beats almost any blog because it allows discussion of every statement.

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- So that was the second thing, the naivety of not knowing is it’s own joy. To paraphrase Chris Locke in , first learn to speak as a real person. (“Real person” pauses, then goes back and adds a hashtag to Cluetrain to help categorise and Index said person)
- and with this comes another joy in having a fraction of the followers or Greek Chorus sized timeline. It *doesn’t* matter (beyond the way everything matters). Not needing an audience empowers freer personal expression.

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- I found myself wondering how the new interface, form, functions and rules of this space demanded behaviour, like I wanted to be policed, so I could feel safe to speak freely. This paradox was a revelation.
- are more rules needed beyond the universal ‘don’t be an arse’ TOS & to listen if anyone complains? Is threading 500 char toots the uncoolest thing? Is it bad form to sit on an instance and not communicate as the others on your instance do? To be a coop member who doesn’t show for meetings?

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- Every time I tried to engage here my mixed confusion of how to find the people I want to listen to, and how to be heard (or know if you’d been heard) left me feeling like it was a party for those who knew the rules & invested time in them. I came because I believed in federation & community ownership; I left because the experience didn’t come close to the other place.
- But last night it struck me how that could be a feature not a bug. That this is a different place, & that’s the first thing.

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After some sleep, some initial thoughts on this place:
- I’m here this weekend as UK football clubs are going silent on social to demand action against racist abuse. Jim Killock suggested they use Mastadon. So why not me?
- I opened my a/c back in 2017 on one of the waves of growth & exodus. I’d tried Tooter before & was happy to see it work better & had a platformcoop. I added a header image for Berkana Institute’s model but my desire for an audience pulled me back to the other place.

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