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@ifixcoinops "Consent means having the choice between saying yes right now, or being periodically reminded to say yes until you give in and agree" - almost everybody's computer, almost every day, and this is apparently fine

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We know what happens when good ideas are sold off to power-hungry corporations. What would happen if businesses prioritized community welfare FIRST? Laura Flanders talks with @piamancini of @opencollect, Lauren Ruffin and @ntnsndr 💛 :

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The thing with the Minecraft exploit, that then turned out to be a lot of things on the internet exploit def reminds me that the internet is actually continuously on fire and held together by the will of people who aren't Silicon Valley execs.

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“Why isn’t the new year on the winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

Like, seriously, people notice "OCTOber" and "DECEMber" and say, "hey, those mean 'eight' and 'ten', but they're the 10th and 12th months, what's up with that?".

If you've got a little more history, you'll know that July and August are named after Julius and Augustus Caesar, and think, "oh, they added those two months and bumped the rest of the months back."

Nope. The Romans were way, way worse at calendars than that.

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> As well as cancelling his Spotify subscription and taking down most of his music catalogue, [Sameer Gupta is] now encouraging others to do the same by offering a 95-percent discount on his "entire Bandcamp" to "anyone else who is cancelling their Spotify." "This has been a long time coming anyway but the Spotify CEO's desire to invest in war AI tech was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back," Gupta told RA.


question... I've been looking at companies that offer identity verification and KYC like Yoti. Their business model is charging services that need to verify an address or identity for every lookup, which is against a wallet/ID app controlled by the user. It seemed like there could be other models, be it user-owned or service-owned coop — prioritising user privacy or service low costs (or both).. are there any?

"The next billion Internet users are coming online from countries where the card networks provide no cover. The next billion Internet entrepreneurs are going to charge their customers less than $5 per payment. They can’t pay 30%+ of that in processing fees."

"It's been 3 months since we officially started @fynbosdev and I finally found some time to write about why we did it."

"Lots more to come from the rest of the team so stay tuned 🚀 "

@Matt_Noyes yes.The first third is establishing that we are as confused about the nature of time as when people thought the earth was flat. For this 'everything you thought you knew about time is wrong' alone it's worth it; it did get more challenging (for me) in the final third. I'm still trying to get my head free of the notion that it feels he's implying around memory and consciousness there..

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"…feel the frustration but don’t give into fatalism. It’s all about the work, it’s only ever been about the work. Take rest, stay connected and on Monday we start the countdown to #COP27"

- Solitaire Townsend (Birsite thread:

To everyone who continues to work for a stable, habitable climate… Thank you 🙏

@Matt_Noyes yes, I just finished The Order of Time. Beautifully written and mind-bending.


Taking three days from London instead of a 2h 10min flight, via four trains and a boat : £130+ if I'd booked more than a week before.

Soaking in a steaming hot tub on deck going up the Oslo fjord this morning : priceless.

Fractal booleans. Not sure if this is a thing but it strikes me an common experience I can have of fractal scales is around boolean yes/no ideas such as 'reduce plastic waste' or 'lower my climate impact'. Once I've committed, it can quickly ripple down from buying a repairable phone to recycling old cables to hanging onto broken junk in case I can one day repair it, to ever smaller scales until I tell myself 'my actions alone won't make the difference, relax'. And then it fractals up out again.

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when you think about it, the idea that software should scale is actually really weird. "sure this garden is nice, but how nice can it be if it doesn't grow to cover the entire surface of the earth?"

There's many good ideas in there - ie refundable 'postage stamps' to create a cost for harassment and spam from strangers, plus a healthy, referenced critique of existing proposals to detoxify online spaces. And while other detoxification proposals, like keep emerging - most depend on convincing the social media giants to act, or to change the law to force them to. OcapsPub is a technical proposals to improve existing open systems; the only barrier is the code.

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Reading about or Ocaps as an alternative to ACLs in the context of moderation on the decentralised web: "OcapsPub: towards networks of consent" It's interesting how much good thinking is coming out of the centred Fediverse.

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Web dev be like:

"I want to detect if a CSS variable has been changed"
"Sure, here's a very hacky solution with very specific requirements that are a pain to implement because there's no official way to do this"
"I want to detect if a user is sitting in a >3m² room, alone, and hasn't blinked in the last 2 seconds"
"You can use this 1-liner that utilizes the RoomSizeUserPresenceAndEyeBlink API Google pushed into standards to totally not improve their tracking of users"

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