Taking three days from London instead of a 2h 10min flight, via four trains and a boat : £130+ if I'd booked more than a week before.

Soaking in a steaming hot tub on deck going up the Oslo fjord this morning : priceless.

I'm on the final 25 pages of this edition of the first three books of Asimov's Foundation saga & I'm reading these pages so slowly with pre-emptive grief for finishing. I'd heard it was a masterpiece but had no idea how dazzling this bedrock of all the space opera I've known was.

Having spent the last week remote working in a rural hut just south of Lillehammer I’ve been struck how much more at home I felt there than much of my time in Oslo since moving to Norway last year. I’ve experienced it other times in nature here too and realised only yesterday it’s because it’s universal; nature’s culture isn’t tied to a flag, language or set of customs — it follows loosely the same principles everywhere. Was quite a relief, finding home like that.

Council workers trying to debug a business model, Oslo.

Thinking today about Digital Gardening, thanks to @neil and this intro to it: maggieappleton.com/garden-hist, trying to answer the question of how we reservoir the good bits of the stream.

As I’ve accelerated some research in two areas recently ( and ) it’s been front of my mind. Do I want a wiki or better use of tags in my CMS? Have been using Pocket to capture but it feels half the solution; I can only export a text file of links. And how to collaborate on that research?

I’d never seen this Van Gogh of a London prison exercise yard before yesterday (at Tate Britain), and now its one of my favourites. How does a painting stay so well hidden?

I recently stumbled into an vintage car show & looking at the cars still chugging after 50+ years & were mostly built here in the UK, found myself wondering why nostalgia for a lost manufacturing industry in the US, UK & elsewhere is dominated by the right & nationalism rather than green / circular economy. So was very pleased to learn of (design global, build local) in Michel Bauwens’ new book, feat Kate Raworth: commonstransition.org/p2p-acco

Like, I guess, many, I’ve dreamt of sitting in a plane cockpit at the control since I was a kid. As I got older reality hit: first the cost, later the climate irresponsibility. But this weekend, thanks to my mum, I went up in a motor-less glider. The cost is low: ~£8($10) per winch launch plus club fees, & the carbon cost is near nothing. I was up 1800 feet for 28 minutes. Each weekend gliders zigzag the country and I had no idea. It was incredible — and I still can’t quite believe it happened.

Opening the curtains at my room at the sprint and seeing only trees is a perfect start.

Karin Gerritsen of Semper IT showed a really nice, open source peer-to-peer crowdfunding site/app today at built using , Drupal, Views, Rules and github.com/veda-consulting/uk. — used for a number of sites including the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Crazy stat at Hackney Council Digital Apprenticeship event this morning from ADA: last year the total number of girls from low income backgrounds last year who did a Computer Science A Level *in the whole of the UK* was 34.

Four days after and I’m still no closer to figuring out if the @internetsociety’s logo looks like a Death Star knowingly or accidentally...


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