Learning about at was reminded of the story last month of a man whose google ac was shut down after he'd sent a medical photo of his son's groin to their doctor & an AI had flagged it as CSAM. Even after learning of its mistake Google refused to lift the ban theguardian.com/technology/202.

is draft EU legislation with laudable goal of ending the sharing of CSAM – but has so many negative consequences & risks. You can feedback on it til 12 Sept ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-r


An MEP's assistant quoted another MEP as saying 'great if we can do this for CSAM, we'll be able to do this for terrorist content."

Once the threshold is passed of an obligation on the post office to open our post & read every letter, then why would they not also check for domestic abuse, money laundering, fraud, or indeed any illegal activity?

What then happens in countries that make homosexuality illegal? Or the discussion of it with under 18s like Poland/Russia? Or where protest is banned?

I didn't know this legislation was being drafted. If it passes and the tech industry demonstrates it can be done (which seems an open question) – it would create a big new industry of private chat AI censor systems customisable for any dictatorship. How long then until Siri & Alexa have the same obligations?
No-one suggests the state installs CCTV in everyone's home to cut down on CSA & DA, tho it'd reduce it. It feels that laws like this come from politicians who just don't use messaging much.

@nicol No need to install CCTV. We all have webcams in our laptops & phones.

@nicol As one person wrote in their feedback, it gets worse when you consider that specialized LGBT chat/dating apps will also be monitored and potentially false positives reported to police. Now imagine what will happen to the affected people in places like Poland/Hungary...
Feedback (pdf): ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-r

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