Thinking today about Digital Gardening, thanks to @neil and this intro to it:, trying to answer the question of how we reservoir the good bits of the stream.

As I’ve accelerated some research in two areas recently ( and ) it’s been front of my mind. Do I want a wiki or better use of tags in my CMS? Have been using Pocket to capture but it feels half the solution; I can only export a text file of links. And how to collaborate on that research?

@nicol might be handy.

Everyone's different but my own advice here (having fizzled out a bit before trying to find a wiki tool I liked) would be just use whatever has the lowest friction for you to quickly capture your thoughts and link them together, in mostly plain text/markdown. Foam and Obsidian are popular for that.

Also worth a dig into zettelkasten / How To Take Smart Notes for more on the process, less about particular tools.

@neil thanks for all the pointers. so far I've
- really enjoyed Obsidian.
- got Gatsby running (after years of not trying a SSG as I didn't know how to choose between them, Andy's theme got me trying G).
- tried to get Andy's theme running & broke it. Tried to understand how Gatsby is 'static' when I can't find html versions of my markdown files. Tried to understand why Gatsby HTML is all on one line. Think of that Leo DiCaprio Great Gatsby gif.
- Started working thru

@nicol My pleasure. If you are liking Obsidian, @ton has lots of great thoughts on its usage. (e.g. for notes and research)

@neil it's a really nice UI for local working, but I want a public garden ultimately, and I'm not sure about Obsidian Publish, so I may end up with another tool. Publishing the markdown files to other systems seems to lose the backlinks mostly. Tiddly+Stroll is appealing at the moment, tho I've not yet tried to install.

@nicol @neil For a client I'm currently trying to publish part of my markdown notes through github as a wiki on using ReSpec ( as it can directly work with markdown files as source. For my own digital garden in Obsidian I'm not contemplating publishing anything (other than as collated output on pages is my site)


@ton @neil that's interesting, thanks. I'm guessing technical specs/docs need internal [[double-square]] linking in the same way (which sounds like the main thing lost if publishing Obsidian MD directly

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