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waiting to see how long it takes to be told to delete this post

i'm going to keep on going if only out of spite

fyi i sound like jack whitehall in person but i read my own toots in my head in the voice of mitch hedberg

this is also true but don't read Show more

got some travelling to do this week so i needed to hire a car but then i spotted pickup trucks are cheap to rent so i got one of them but now i realise my shit is getting wet

doing a music college course part time and i submitted some of my noise band recordings but i got bad feedback

when i was in hospital i was next to an old guy who had fallen off his stepladder and he didn't laugh at "i've got a stepladder too but it doesn't mean as much to me as my real ladder" help

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another blood test this morning and i still got a B-

you'd thing I'd improve with practice but no

re:divorce etc, (I'm not confident if this is a solicited response or if I'm misinterpreting and I Should Not) Show more

divorce etc Show more

all this science and technology but sleeping is still hard

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