Things are bad and I feel bad and nothing seems to help


the doc says I'm not fit for work etc but I'm worried work will sack me for being ill again and I'm so worried about money etc. Worked really hard to get to where I am and my head has just thrown it all away for me again I think

@nico Sorry about that, friend, but I'm glad to see you posting. 👋

@hypolite hello. Sorry I'm not here often now. I hope you're well. Anything exciting going on?

@nico Don't be sorry, it's okay. The most exciting thing that happened to me is that I got my two shots of COVID-19 vaccine and today I finally felt comfortable ordering a crepe to go from the cafe across the street.

@hypolite ah that is progress. I'm still waiting for my second dose

@nico I'm sorry about that, I understand your worry and it isn't an easy one to manage. Unfortunately right now there's nothing else for you to do but to take care of yourself, no matter what your work ultimately decides. Please be gentle with your head.

@hypolite yeah you're right, that's true. Nothing I can do for now about it


sounds like you're somewhere between a rock and a hard place (I hope I used this phrase correctly). I'm very sorry to hear it 😔

re: feelings 

@nico I relate to this a lot. I wish I had some good insight to help you but I always wonder about how to manage this as well.

re: feelings 

@Ghost thank you, I hope you (and I) find a way


@nico but it’s good seeing you here. Take care

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