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Has anyone got any experience in relicensing a codebase from MIT to AGPL?

Ideally, an actually real case of it, with any of the complications or niggles that might arise.

New here, so hi everyone. I am a self taught p2p dev, working with a hypercore protocol aka Dat :)

In my previous life I studied political science with communication studies + lingustics with literature.

I do daily video logs to stay motivated with my current foss project called DatDot. This is the latest log from yesterday :)

β˜• I'm going to hold a Community Cafe session:

πŸ₯• Hands on introductory session about Karrot community organising tool: "Start a group, become a community" --> @karrot

πŸ“… 6th July (2021-07-06) - i.e. Tuesday next week

⏲️ 9am West Coast USA
⏲️ 12pm East Coast USA
⏲️ 5pm London
⏲️ 18:00 Central Europe

☎️ call link TBC

πŸ‘¬ Pinging people who might be interested @Matt_Noyes @neil @dazinism @kawaiipunk @ntnsndr @mariha @bhaugen

πŸ‘₯ have a play!

Why is Grimes wrong about "AI being the fastest way to communism"?

Yes a lot of things could be more automated. In the past I worked in factories which were almost entirely automated, and which most people have no idea exist. That was possible by the 1990s.

It turns out that the problem of freeing people from drudgery using automation isn't the real issue. Much of that has already been technically possible for many decades. The problem is that scarcity is deliberately created and class relations are artificially manufactured in a very real sense.

There are lots of empty houses, and yet there is a housing crisis.

There is no shortage of food production, yet a significant number of people depend on strictly rationed food banks.

None of that is an accident. It's all due to the ideology of the ruling class, which needs to maintain prejudice and scarcity to remain in its position. A lot of the stuff about "work ethic" and rushing to get people back to into workplaces is really about keeping the ordinary worker in a position of subordination, even if the work they're doing is really just a "BS job" or mere "busy work".

Any UK folks know if hitchhiking is back up and running again?

Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

#privacy #google

A lot of the discourse (+ funding) about tech justice is about big data, big tech, algorithms, AI, etc...

But working on small(er) tech, a lot of that isn't relevant, we don't have a lot of data, or algorithms, or AI, or any of that stuff...

The challenges I encounter are much more mundane and human scale:

-> how to keep motivated
-> how to develop low-key organisational structures
-> maintaining a minimally viable economic existence
-> doing boring administrative and human care work, etc...

andrew lee just seized over 700 channels on freenode because they mentioned in their topic.

This includes projects like openbsd, wikimedia, FOSDEM, etc. shows 720 channels that match what is being checked.

here's an example log:

boost this if you care about foss in any way.

Since a number of great project in the Hospitality Exchange community is considering a move to the #fediverse and implementing #activitypub federation in their platforms, I created a Lemmy post in #FediverseFutures for people to brainstorm exciting ideas on the subject.

Check it out and participate at:

I find busyness a fascinating concept.

when people apologise that they couldn't do something because they have been so busy, it seems like it's something that is happening to them, not something they have created.

I think busyness is what they have chosen, and they will always be too busy unless they choose otherwise.

it seems to have become a status symbol in some contexts, which maybe explains it better.

My personal #mastodon experience still suffers from crossposts from #twitter, with user names that don't make sense in the #fediverse.

I can unfollow crossposter's accounts, but I don't want to unfollow everyone who boosts a twitter crosspost.

Please, #fediverse, let's boost the fediverse, not twitter. If we want to share a good tweet, let's treat it like any other URL from the web.

I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

We're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 4.2 !

Thanks to all the contributors and testers ! πŸ’—

- 🌻 Rewrite of the webadmin using VueJs
- 3️⃣ Finally moving to Python 3 πŸ˜…, paving the way to Bullseye
- πŸƒ More sensible update strategy for dyndns domains (, etc.)
- πŸ”‘ SFTP and SSH permissions
- πŸš‘ Many improvements on backups
- πŸ“¦ Around 35 new apps since January !

More info in the release note on the forum:


In the 2017 election in Hartlepool Labour got over 50% of the vote, when Corbyn was leader. Yesterday only 28%.

Obviously many other factors here. Including the government likely pulling two stunts they know would appeal to voters (sending gunboats to sea, and cutting foreign aid).

People need a story to be part of, and the myth of a brave, valiant, independent Britain taking care of it's own kind is something people can hold onto.

Anti-capitalism needs a much more compelling story.

Social.Coop server maintenance / downtime this weekend and will be down for an overdue system upgrade this Saturday evening. Downtime will start around 9pm EDT. if all goes well, it will last no more than 30-40 minutes.

If you have any questions or want updates if something goes wrong and it takes longer to restore service, this is as good a time as any to remind folks about our Element chatroom at

Oh, I just realised NewPipe isn't just for YouTube, also has SoundCloud,, framatube (peertube?), And Bandcamp. Nice!

I somehow feel like I should have known that...

I'm trying to make sense of what my model of personal economy is. Which needs I want to fulfil, material and non-material, and the sources they come from. Acknowledging different modes of value exchange (gift, commons, market, state), and also privileges I have.

I wonder if anybody else here has done this or thought about it and has some ideas for how to model it or represent it visually?

I'm starting by sketching some ideas...

Anyone has experience of using a citizen participation platform in their municipality / organization? (e.g. Decidim, Consul, Your Priorities etc)

What's the good and the bad?

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