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There's a culture of tech that is about humans interacting with machines. As if it's only a logical/technical activity. No room for emotions and all that soft stuff.

Then another culture of "tech" that's really about rich people extracting wealth (via data) from other people. Harnessing tech for some goal.

I want the culture of tech, where it's about people interacting with people, with an unobtrusive technology layer to facilitate an essentially human activity. Tech as a supporting tool.

"Why do the most popular #socialmedia platforms provide such limited affordances for the important work of community organizing and movement building? Why is the time, energy, and brilliance of so many designers, software devlopers, product managers, and others who work on platforms focused on optimizing our digital world to capture and monetize our attention, over other potential goals (e.g. maximizing civic engagement, making environmentally sustainable choices, buiding empathy ... ?)"

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We're evolving the governance features of karrot and looking for examples of existing community guidelines, rules, agreements, etc.

This is to make sure the model we come up with will be usable for a range of different groups with different approaches.

Any you can share with us?

To get the ball rolling the noisebridge ones are a good example for us to look at -->

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If you crosspost from twitter to mastodon I would really appreciate it if you marked your account as a bot (see for explanation of the effect).

If it's a dual purpose account (i.e. crossposting AND direct posting), then I would appreciate it if you created a separate account for the twitter crossposting and marked that as a bot account.

Crossposted tweets appear as a mess of broken links, missing threads, and the account is often unresponsive to replies.


I really wanted to ride a cargo bike here and today I had my first day riding one!

From now I'll ride every week or two collecting and delivering things for a local share and repair project.

Today I delivered some clothes to be repaired by a retired seamstress, collected a newly fixed pressure washer, delivered a dehumidifier on loan, and more.

The bike itself is also on loan, and after me used to pickup surplus food for another project.

Small steps individually but a nice way I think.

I'm very appreciative that our lovely translators have translated karrot 100% into German, Spanish, Luxembourgish, Czech, and Esperanto.

... and over 80% into Polish, French, Swedish, and Hindi.

... and then some in Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Marathi, and Gujarati.

Yay for translators πŸš€ 🀩

(I'm a little sad though that contributing to the rest of the project is limited to English).


Want to know more about what is going on with

Did you know that the Community Working Group Ops team and the Tech Working Group Ops team post their regular meeting minutes on loomio?

Check them out here:
CWG Ops team:

Tech team:

I was hanging out with a 12 year old today. I did some improvising on the piano. He liked it but said he didn't know it. I told him it was my own creation. He seemed amazed, then said I need to copyright it so I can make money from it.

So sad this market logic has penetrated so deeply into even kids brains like this.

And the amazement I don't think was that it was so amazing in itself, but that people can even create things like that.

We have a truly detached way of being over here.

This is my song of the moment, Luke Kelly - The Auld Triangle.

Me and dad had a raucous singalong to that and other Luke Kelly stuff last night on the sofa, great fun!

I made some Christmas cards for the kids I know round here. I think they look like they were made by kids. Seems a good fit then!

i've seen that some people are talking about a project from as an alternative to guppe groups --- yes there are privacy concerns to be aware of when using guppe (NB -- this is true of everything on fedi, and the best answer is to be well aware of privacy limitations!!) but, for whoever needs to hear this, please be aware that is (rightly imo) blocked by a *lot* of instances for free-speech extremism and the inevitable racist shit that follows from that position.

β€œA female colleague and [I] had dared to discuss wage transparency and gender pay gap in the office … Unfortunately we miscalculated – our boss Matthias was beyond furious. After that office meeting, he told my colleague β€˜there will be consequences.’ … I want to expose the hypocrisy and double standards in FSFE leadership. How the organisation β€˜promoting’ transparency, equality and inclusivity treats employees and more specifically women.”

prospective gig - frontend design/dev 

hi fedi, i'm in talks with a potential client for a custom website built on Django & Wagtail, and they've asked for quotes including design work well beyond my limited aesthetic sense and design skill.

i'd especially love to hear from folks who identify as members of groups that have been historically marginalized, or that are currently underrepresented in tech.

DM me or find my email on the website in my bio.

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I just deployed this change yesterday so it's live at

Next step is custom defined types, which is actually already needed coded.

What would be great is to have input from people/groups that might like to use it for stuff like community gardens, bike kitchens, mutual aid groups, food rescue..

Karrot provides democratic membership empowerment* + communication + task co-ordination features.

* to avoid saying "management"!


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I saw some kind of manifesto or principles for software design at some point and really liked it. But I'm chaotic with my link organising, so have no idea what/where it was.

It would have been some kind of participatory socially aware thing...

Any ideas?

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BTW, had to dig a bit but looks like it is official, that #Gab has not been on the Fediverse since a change this summer.

Frankly, we won. Note how one key point in their decision here was how isolated they were off the Fediverse compared to costs to keep it going.

From the former Facebook CTO of Gab:

Cloudron or Yunohost?

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I'm horrified at what capitalism did with computers, turning people into facebook/youtube junkies for profit.

For me, computers have been truly liberating. Creating music was a sanctuary away from the confusing teenage world. They were also the only way I had to connect with other non-straight people.

And now, they are a way I can contribute to grassroots community building without getting overwhelmed.

My tool of liberation became a tool of domination 😒

Well hey, I just got here. In an effort to break the ice with total strangers (will this even show up on the local feed?)... I have an offering. I have limited artistic ability, but I managed to tie-dye some material earlier this year.

I will make you a face mask out of it. And finally learn to sew.

Just tell me a story that fits in a toot. Any story. You don't have to be my fediverse friend. But that would be niccccce too. I'll ship it to you.

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