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I've been working on this 50 year old bike. My dad bought it in the 70s and used it for a couple of decades, he was riding it on my first bike tour when I was 8.

I rode it for some years, including across europe. But it's been in the shed for over 10 years now waiting for some love.

It's new life is going to be as a single speed for the city.

Old bikes are hard work though. Axles not compatible, 5/16" vs 9mm, had an old axle in the shed to swap in fortunately.

... but these names are still fixed, and changing them is a big drastic all or nothing action.

I'd like the project itself to be a small as possible in identity (but still accurate), and then make modifiable connections to other networks/things, so over time it can fluidly shift.

Like humans do, with friend groups and networks.


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I realise I have an issue with domain names (and other containing identifiers) that I thought was my problem, but it's more structural.

Many projects I'm involved in change over time, maybe their focus, or allegiances change.

E.g. with @karrot we were originally just focusing on foodsaving groups, and so our forum has that word in the domain name... and we were connected with "yunity" (that's in our github org name...) but that focus got much less...


Imagine if we unfucked "art collecting", culturally. Imagine everyone would have a little collection of pieces by friends and family and artists they adore or connected with in their house instead of what "art collecting" means under capitalism. Wouldn't that be beautiful

This is the testimony of somebody who worked at the company that made the Grenfell cladding that contributed significantly to the deaths:

โ€œI was uncomfortable with the wording,โ€ she told Millett. โ€œI agree it was untrue โ€ฆ I donโ€™t think I knew at the time how to challenge it. I was going along with things.โ€

This dominating patriarchal society kills. The other way would have been to really hear her discomfort and support her to bring her challenge.

Do you make challenge possible in your world?

DisCO is a set of methods and tools for creating radically democratic cooperatives, based on feminist principles and strengthened by Peer-to-Peer technologies. Learn how to make your own in Stir to Action's webinar next Monday! ๐Ÿ‘‡

I did it, phew.

with randomly created email address at a domain I don't own, stripped metadata for uploaded profile/cover photos, no face in photos, local area in photo to make it look more trustable, all in an isolated firefox container tab, ... maybe it's enough.

I did put my real name, given I'm trying to interact with real people. I probably fucked all my data isolation by that decision ๐Ÿ˜ข

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I've been facebook free for years ๐Ÿ•บ

however, now I want to get more active with local community initiatives, mutual aid, etc. ... whatever is going on ๐Ÿ‘

... and the first hurdle is that so much stuff is on facebook. so, with great reluctance I will be creating a facebook account ๐Ÿคฎ

well, I'll try anyway, maybe I'll pass out during the signup process... as it asks me for a sample of my blood ๐Ÿ’‰

Hello! Pronoun and wearable art pins made entirely by me are up and ready for purchase. Please remember all of these are 100% hand drawn. Every single one. I am one disabled person doing my best, so sometimes lines aren't perfect but I do my best to sand off sharp edges and give you all the silly customizations your heart desires.

You can buy these from my etsy (link below)

however, if you don't like etsy (and listen, I get why) you can also purchase these from me directly here, we'll work out whats best for our transaction. Okay? Cool. Thanks for the boosts and for supporting a queer, indigenous artist ๐ŸŽ‰

โœจ Etsy:

I'm sorting out old hard drives, but it takes so long as I keep coming across stuff to read or listen to.

In one folder, some angry conversations with my ex-boyfriend that I saved, and right next to it this music track I made almost 20 years ago :)

I must archive it all!

Should Social.Coop join Meet.Coop? Should Social.Coop membership include access to BBB online conferencing? It's up to us to decide.

So far 17 people (out of 119 members on Loomio) have voted.

Years ago I created a kind of programming framework thing that would be able to generate a visual graph of the application logic, I just found this screenshot and find it surprisingly readable.

I still like this kind of idea, although at the time I developed it in a total vacuum, and didn't really think about who might use it very much.

I would love having easier visualisation of the logic, and also allow non-coders to be able to answer questions like "When will notifications be sent?".

Update: I accompanied her to a station in London where someone she knew could meet her. Via some phone calls they are making some contact to a lawyer.

I kept her contact though in case something seems useful to send on.

I think the main help her though was just getting her to a safe place to continue from where she can rest and recover.

The police should not have left her in such a state on her own. The train people were really nice, but bound by their jobs in how much they could help.

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Whilst entering the UK, the husband of a couple got detained and taken by the police, the wife is distraught and doesn't know what to do. I'm travelling with her now and supporting with WiFi and money and whatever else I can. I'm wondering if anybody can share some useful resources concerning the legal support part of it?

Ah this is the kind of transport check in process I like. Empty. They told me I'm the only foot passenger on this whole ship. And had to boot up the computer just for me.

It was cheaper than the eurostar too. And gives me a nights sleep in a bed and some time for contemplation.

Remote working Corona edition, joining our weekly @karrot meeting whilst on a train journey, including a change of trains part way through.

Amazingly my jitsi call and vpn stayed connected the whole time, even when I switched from the onboard train WiFi to my mobile connection.

Woo, we just merged a long awaited change: you can organise more than just food pickups!

For now we just added a few common types including meetings, but the next iteration will include the ability to define your own custom types per group.

It's part of the long awaited vision to make karrot suitable for general purpose community organising. We'll probably have group templates in the future... like foodsaving group, community garden, bike kitchen, etc...


One example of why I hate how software permissions systems frame things. In our project rocket chat, it says prominently next to my name that I am "Admin" and "Owner".

"Admin" I can kind of accept, as I do have all the permissions as I set it up, but "Owner" really feels wrong and suggests to people joining something really misleading about my role.

(Well, I hope I'm not an Owner, or am I?).

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