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I'm a bit dissatisfied with the whiteboard feature in big blue button (it's like you only have permanent marker pens - no editing afterwards).

I went on the search for another tool and came across - there is no public/free/open instance, but I deployed it for a project and quite happy so far.

If you're curious and want to play around you can try it here -->

Oooh finally set up automated updates for Aurora store and f-droid. Previously having to manually confirm each install made it much less likely I would keep the apps up to date.

Would be nice if the process was more accessible though. Fiddling around with adb is not very user friendly.

A nice article about one of the groups that use Karrot:

"How one Swedish city grew the commons by foodsharing during the pandemic"

/toot by

FOSS works better when designed together with its users! Especially in the case of Karrot, which strives to be a community-led project to help people organize and make decisions collectively on a voluntary and autonomous basis.

That is why we started a community design process in order to design new governance features!

This is the first iteration of this design process, an adaptation of a design sprint. Any project out there with similar experience?

/by @bruno

whoops, just discovered I left my "most expensive thing I ever bought" touring bike outside on the street for 12 hours (overnight and most of the morning) 🚲

I'd had a long day and came back late from rescuing food, and was too focused on unpacking the trailer and bags...

thanks people for not stealing it πŸ‘ saved me from having a heart attack πŸ’”

I'm starting an indefinitely long bike trip soon, and have been pondering about whether, and how, to share stuff online as we (me and my gf, and any other joiners) go.

Travel blogs bore me. I don't want to just show the nice bits and make people feel shit about life. I'm not that practised at writing online.

Last trip I posted short videos to this account, but that's not very accessible to non-mastodon people. I'm thinking to setup wordpress with activitypub plugin.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Oh and garlic in the dip/spread! How could I forget... What a treat it is to live on a planet with garlic. We take it for granted I think.

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Quite pleased with my tired self for making some food. The neighbour came by yesterday to say another neighbour is in hospital and we can collect pears in his garden, there are more than they can use. I made pear puree I'll eat with museli or yogurt.

And then some bean dip/spread from "cheapest beans in the nice unpackaged shop" (soya, 4€/kg I think) with herbs from the garden (rosemary, thyme, and oregano), olive oil and salt. Yummy!

I bought 6 new books today for my (secondhand) kindle, and managed to avoid amazon entirely!

plutobooks and verso books are nice and DRM free already. but I also got some from which supports local bookshops apparently... but it uses adobe digital editions DRM and getting the DRM off those was very painful.

lots of fiddling with wine basically.

Hello! Looking for hardware for measuring indoor air quality πŸ’¨ 🏠 πŸ’¨ One of our housemates has allergies we're trying to track down... Hardware must detect:
- particulate matter (e.g. PM 2.5 & 10)
- volatile organic compounds (specifically wood volatiles like turpentine)

Should be as open as possible and 'affordable'. Temp. & humidity nice bonus, but not necessary. Does not need to be turn-key/can be for nerds πŸ€“

Excited to have our submission to the "Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing For Economies" workshop at NordiCHI 2020 accepted!

Not sure how it works really, but we're interested to engage with HCI (Human Computer Interaction) researchers about the intersection of grassroots resource saving initiatives, open source software, and democratic governance.

I'm not in academia but keen to try and support the bridge between theory and practise.


/by tech co-ordinator rotation 

I've been doing tech stuff for the last year or so, but now is the time to rotate the role!

I wrote a bunch of stuff here about it

I always love to make myself redundant, and the only way to truly find out if it's true is to rotate responsibilities. It shouldn't depend on me.

It's hardly a fast growing silicon valley startup, but I've really enjoyed our casual tech calls and gentle progress 😎 In it for the long run! tech call 

Tech call tonight! Normal time -> 19:30 UTC


Note there is a new call link in the pad as we're trying out and their BigBlueButton instance (who came up with that name??).

Ping some possible attendees: @redoak @idmyn @michel_slm @wooster

Some gleaning success! I'm hoping to do a lot more as I cycle past the fields post-harvest. So much food. Hundreds of cabbages and cauliflowers left wasting in the fields I passed in a couple of hours or cycling.

That cabbage is unbelievably huge!

@fribbledom I am generally for public ownership, in which β€œpublic” doesn't mean β€œrun by the government” but instead is generally democratic - by and for the people. I don't consider governments to be operating in the interests of the people in most cases, and that voting for the correct candidate is not a solution.

Public ownership of software, public access to knowledge, public ownership of land and housing. Public ownership of the things we need to live: food, electricity, water, health care.

From this basic disposition a lot of other things logically follow, such as disliking hierarchies and large centralised organisations.

β€œWe now have the building blocks to establish Pret as a multi-channel, digitally led business. And YourPret Barista is the first big launch we’re able to deliver through our new technology platform.”

What!? I thought it's just the place to get a miserable overpriced sandwich and a coffee when I have no other choice.

My idea: close the whole thing down, but keep paying the staff for the next year, or however long the money lasts. tech call tonight 

tech call is tonight! same details as usual:
- time: 19:30 UTC
- pad:
- call link:

Ping @redoak @idmyn @michel_slm @wooster anyone else welcome too!

... one concept I like from the talk is focusing on "needs based thinking", so peoples need for food, friendship, transport, etc... (as opposed to money).

Perhaps makes it more concrete what is going on and why it might be interesting to someone...

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I think I haven't quite mastered the art of how to phrase a question in an understandable way...

My question in the last session (about commons) kind of got lost, but I ponder about it a lot...

How to communicate about the commons? (in order to grow more).

The theoretical/conceptual basis for it is engaging for some people, but probably not most.

(I want to personally shift from theorizing --> actually "commoning", but I suspect asking people to "common with me" will not go well...)

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