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well, I tried!

I put my mastodon profile in the twitter profile box... denied...

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Bought my ticket for the stir to action festival, the whole process is feeling a bit like what I hoped was to become the "old" economy... commercial closed source platform (hopin), sending data to google for the captcha, fields for my twitter and linked in accounts, and a niggling feeling that capital/profit/growth mindsets might be nibbling their way in... ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Still, interested to join some sessions ๐Ÿ˜Ž

(all times in UK timezone)

1st Sept
- The Insurgent Power of the Commons - Silke Helfrich 12PM - 1PM

2nd Sept
- It Starts with Art: A Creative Workshop on Community-Led Housing - Kamiel Verschuren with Tim Crabtree 2PM - 3.30PM

3rd Sept
- Family Farm Succession and Community Ownership Charlotte Hollins 11AM - 12PM
- Elinor Ostrom & the Community Paradigm - Dr Simon Kaye 12PM - 1PM
- Land Ownership & Racial Justice - Josina Calliste & Mark Walton 3PM - 4PM

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The stir to action (online) festival started this morning -->

I made a selection of the sessions that I'm interested in (next toot...) ... not sure I can actually attend many of them, but let's see!

Playground for the New Economy

Starting tomorrow for 3 days, Stir to Action's annual festival is online with over 45 workshops and panel discussions. Get your tickets at the bargain price of ยฃ5, using the code FESTIVAL50

I'm joining @ntnsndr and Esteban Kelly tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4pm UTC/UK time, to discuss 'Transatlantic Co-operativism'. See you there :-)

What's with tools asking for my "work" email? (zoom, slack...), I don't have a "work" email.

MightyNetworks is another such platform. The faq immediately makes clear the distinction between "hosts" and "members".

The section for how to remove a member is simple for hosts. Just press a button. No process. No democratic governance here!

There is a lot of focus too on monetisation of the community.

Causes a lot of dissonance for me to see otherwise great looking projects like using it for their community platform.

The tools you use will shape reality.

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I've noticed a few projects that create "online communities" using commercial platforms (e.g. Chaordix), but these are designed for companies to control the community and extract value from them.

I don't think they are designed with any intention to empower "community" in any meaningful sense of the word...

For example, one such platform has the selling point: "Gain Total Control - Bring your community together in a safe space that you own and control."


I feel very mixed about initiatives such as

On the one hand, it's great to have empowered workers organising to increase their collective voice against extractive beasts such as Uber.

On the other hand, who is going to advocate for the rest of us that don't use those services and have to deal with roads full of incredibly space inefficient polluting vehicles that only operate for those with enough money?

YunoHost is a version of Linux designed to make it as easy as possible to run your own server, either at home or remotely.

You can follow the project here (in English and French):

โžก๏ธ @yunohost

They also have a PeerTube channel (mostly in French):

โžก๏ธ @yunohost

You can download Yunohost from the official site at

It runs on new PCs, old PCs and Raspberry Pis.

#YunoHost #Linux #SelfHosting #SelfHost #Hosting #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #RaspberryPi #HomeServer #HomeServers

Great to stumble across - adding democratic governance features within software for communities, based on principles from Elinor Ostrom.

It's the same approach we are taking with @karrot.

Haven't read the paper yet... tech call 

Four pictures of poppies I took over the years. I really love poppies, especially when scattered with other plants/flowers on the edge of a field. maintainance, server reboot, downtime 

Show thread maintainance, server reboot, downtime 

Show thread maintainance, server reboot, downtime 

Show thread maintainance, server reboot, downtime 

A slightly rambling me from yesterday enjoying my last rest stop on the at a very nice peaceful bench with the setting sun

I just finished my 3 week , time for a beer on the front porch. Bike is still laden, and sweat still dripping. Feeling good.

I guess life goes back to a tangled confusion soon, I'll enjoy the joy while it lasts!

I saved this haul of food a day or two ago, I've been eating a lot of cheese since...

Despite the very hot weather I've not had any/much food go bad, despite the fact that the supermarket already considered it way too old it can actually keep just about alright in 30+ degree weather for several days.

The weirdest is the salami, it's literally designed to last for ages, but still has a short expiry slapped on it and to the bin! I bet it'll keep for weeks/months still.

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