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Show thread maintainance, server reboot, downtime 

Show thread maintainance, server reboot, downtime 

A slightly rambling me from yesterday enjoying my last rest stop on the at a very nice peaceful bench with the setting sun

I just finished my 3 week , time for a beer on the front porch. Bike is still laden, and sweat still dripping. Feeling good.

I guess life goes back to a tangled confusion soon, I'll enjoy the joy while it lasts!

I saved this haul of food a day or two ago, I've been eating a lot of cheese since...

Despite the very hot weather I've not had any/much food go bad, despite the fact that the supermarket already considered it way too old it can actually keep just about alright in 30+ degree weather for several days.

The weirdest is the salami, it's literally designed to last for ages, but still has a short expiry slapped on it and to the bin! I bet it'll keep for weeks/months still.

.... I've been reading Guy Standings book on the Plunder of the Commons which talks about this and many other shitty things going on with our public wealth...

(I take back just a little bit of the commons as I am reading here "illegally" camping in a nice bit of woodland)

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The way public services are heading/existing in the UK seems totally backward to me.

Government controlled ideologically motivated policies enacted by profit seeking private companies (where profits are often paid as dividends to already rich people).

I'd like to see services independent and locally accountable (to the people it serves) and run for public benefit.

Oh it could make it such a nice experience to interact with job centres, bus and train services, health facilities, etc...

You don't need to speak English like a native

It's okay to have "weird" pacing when speaking. It's also okay to make sentences with correct meaning but uncommon phrasing

Don't allow yourself to pause because you're struggling to find the most native-sounding way to phrase what you mean

Just express what you mean in the most comfortable way to you

There's no "broken" English. English isn't owned by Americans or the British. For better or worse, it's become an international language.

Hey, if you know of a software dev position open remotely or the North England then pls check for my cv cause I need a job thanks.

Karrot can be used not only to organize food saving, but also bike saving! Bike Kitchens in Gothenburg, Sweden are open DIY bike workshop run by volunteers.

They use Karrot to communicate and coordinate when and who is keeping the workshop open and where they will pick up abandoned bikes that anyone can take home after fixing them in the workshop. If you already have your own bike to fix, just drop by, borrow the tools and get some help if needed!

All 100% non-commercial and volunteer-driven!

And the final garden we visited, as part of a place that supports people into housing that would find it difficult otherwise, takes quite some time to build up trust for someone to come and make a nice hippy garden of edible plants ๐Ÿ˜€

I think this is a great example of both the complexity and usefulness of doing community gardens.


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The community garden that was the gateway to the rest of them here, just starting with some raised beds on a rocky ground on some underutilized public land is enough! A whole world of people and projects can soon open up...


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I've been visiting my friend in Siegen for a few nights, and he gave me a nice tour of 3 community gardens he's involved in, and the various successes and challenges of actually doing community organising.

All of them are associated with the initiative here Siegen isst bunt (Siegen eats/is colourful)


I saved more fruit that I know I will get round to eating, especially cycling in the heat where it'll get bashed about and horrible, so I stewed it up so I can eat it more flexibly. Toast, muesli topping, as a snack, a desert, ... And stores neatly in a bottle.

It's also one of the advantages of cooking with wood, there is a plentiful supply of it. Would have never done this when I used gas to cook on.

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