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Anyone know what mushroom this is?
It has a dense sponge texture

Want to know actual stories of people and groups using Karrot to save and share food?

Check them out here:

Next up I'd like to write more about one of Karrot's main features: creating and self-assigning pickups/activities at a certain place and time.

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Hey :) This is an account for karrot - an open source community organising platform focused on resource saving and sharing.

We're currently being used by a bunch of groups around Europe who save and share food from being wasted (see, but heading towards general community organising uses too.

We're into stuff like participatory design, democratic process, non/less-hierarchical structure.

We're open source (you can use our main instance, or self-host).


in capitalist tech: massive user growth ---> lots of money (funding) available --> pay fancy people to do fancy scaling things

in community project: massive user growth ---> aaaah everything is really chaotic now, there are loads of tasks that nobody wants to (or can) do... it's like actual work!! I thought this was meant to be fun...

the solution to me is to scale out, not up, federate don't grow. but still, people seem more focused on big ideas that need to scale up to be successful.

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I get very exhausted when people use their knowledge about how things are done in the big tech / surveillance capitalism (or maybe just "capitalist") world, and try and apply it in totally different domains, like community-focused volunteer projects.

Almost all the implicit assumptions don't hold.

Capitalist projects have a lot of resources to solve problems because they are willing to engage in destructive and extractive behaviours.

If we remove that part, the equation massively changes. tech call 

I think I've found a much more useful (and suitable) job for Boris to get done... tech, widening server access 

Municipalist Politics and the Specter of Emancipation

"...why was the municipalist movement unable to bring about any fundamental change in the way politics is practiced, even just at the local level? Why was it unable to sustain a new way of doing politics? What can we learn from these experiences in order not to make the same mistakes again?"

#socialecology #communalism #municipalism

We've been asked if we could quickly implement new features in #Liberapay so that it could replace #Bountysource, which has been doing shady things. We can't and we don't want to. Encouraging people to pay for a specific issue to be solved is problematic, it creates bad incentives instead of providing stable funding for the proper maintenance and development of a project. If you still think bounties are a good idea, then you can try to revive

I found an old book about herbs on the shelf and it inspired me to make a "herb pillow". My sewing is a bit crap, but it works. In the background some lavender from the garden being dried to go in it later.

I find it so hard to assess the moral/ethical/political/social/economic frameworks a given project is aligned with.

Something might describe itself with a salad of nice words, a co-created, circular, regenerative, community, citizen-led, something or other...

Then I dig into it further and find it's still uncritical of economic growth as a goal. Pfffft. Next. Oh, and put those nice words back where you found them.

@bram (last time I did this, I just used a dumb regex approach, but at least want to evaluate the fancy AST-based options...)

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@bram hey, I'm trying to assess RedBaron vs bowler for renaming one of the core type names in a project ( - making a "pickup" the more general purpose "activity") - I found this brief old hn comment from the bowler author (, but I see it's moved on since then (py3.7 support).

Would appreciate any input on how to decide! Maybe there is a comparison somewhere I didn't find...

Y’all: Don’t loot Target because someone has to pay for that🀧.

The CEO of Target: I completely support the protests and am literally a billionaire. I could rebuild those stores ten times over.

Y’all: OK, well it’s not fair bc what about Lee Rigby?

Lee Rigby’s family: We do not support the use of Lee’s case to silence the Black Lives Matter protests as we support them and the two aren’t comparable as one is an extremist attack and one is police brutality.

Y’all at a party or on the beach: OK, well what about the infection risk?

Disease experts and health experts: *write an open letter to the public supporting the protests as they say β€œracism is a much deadlier and long lasting health epidemic than covid 19”*.

Y’all: The cases in America are already spiking.

Actual doctors: The time for symptoms to develop is 7-14 days so that spike is actually because of your parties, beach days, and protests that you couldn’t get a haircut. tech meeting 

I planted some beans yesterday, they seem blissfully unaware of all the shit that's going down in the world right now...

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