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it's world backup day today πŸ’»

if you are able to, get your backups sorted! ⭐

I'll probably be helping someone setup a restic + b2 setup:

I set up a streaming radio thing!

I put a subset of my music on a server, and set it up to stream a playlist. Right now some chilled music I like to code to. May drastically change at other times.

You can listen to it at (browsers seem to know how to handle it, or use a media play that handles streams, e.g. vlc).

I don't know how many people it can support listening.. too many people and it might crash my little server.

food, homemade pesto (vegan) 

#fluter just published an article [DE] about #kanthaus, the project house I helped set up and live at.

Title reads "Diese WG teilt sich alles – von den Betten bis zur UnterwΓ€sche" (This shared flat shares everything β€” from bedsheets to underwear) Which isn't untrue πŸ˜†

They write: β€žDas Wohnprojekt erinnert auf den ersten Blick an eine Hippiekommune, agiert aber fast wie ein Start-upβ€œ 😹 (Seems like a hippie commune, acts like a start up)

Glad to be here at with my first Mastodon account!

I'm an activist and community organizer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I want to connect with people who are somehow active and interested in the following topics:


so much for my ... Get in touch!

bandcamp is waiving its revenue share this friday, March 20

if you want to support artists/labels, they will get the full amount of any and all sales on that day tech meeting 

The main benefit on running on free software with self-hosted services: these are not overwhelmed by the amount of people using them.

Yesterday various service providers had large outages. Hosting things yourself means two things:
- you are less affected by other people's behavior
- you decide what's top priority when something breaks

Using free software means:
- you have a community that helps
- you can search error messages in the source code

#selfhost #freesoftware #hostingTips


NEW on coronavirus: many western countries may soon face Italy’s situation

Case numbers since outbreaks began in several countries have tracked a ~33% daily rise. This is as true for UK, France, Germany as Italy; the latter is simply further down the path


The Coronavirus pandemic will give us a glimpse of the devastation to come if we don’t radically decarbonise the planet. Capitalists will hoard the necessities for survival during shortages and expect you to pay for them. We can decide whether we pay or we take it from them.

One of them was to help connect with people more spontaneously when people are nearby that's let's you indicate your availability or something.

I really don't want an app for that, I want a kitchen with a window I can hang out at preparing food and chatting with friends passing by (... maybe on their way to the lake having been collecting apples earlier ...)

I want to indicate my availability physically by moving to a place with a socialable architecture (or a dark cosy corner when not).

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Still on my long train journey and listened to Jim Rutt interviewing Tristan Harris about Humane Tech and had a similar feeling to the last one.

Lots of nice insight into the problem (massive power asymmetry with tech companies and business models that incentive all sorts of shitty stuff).

But unbelievably uninspiring "solutions". Basically a list of apps that sound super privacy invading themselves.

What I wonder is where he appears in his own model? From listening to him he appears as a God-like figure that can see the truth, I get no sense of his awareness of his own limitated perspective.

Both him and the host want to avoid "the swamp" of post modernist subjectivity, but you can't just pull yourself out of the swamp because you don't like it.

I feel more compelled to tost accept (or even embrace) the uncertainty of the swamp AND get on with doing stuff....

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He describes genetically related levels of abilities and whilst accepting this is a very dangerous idea, decides to proceed with it anyway as if there are no other ways forward.

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I just listened to Hanzi Freinacht talking on the Jim Rutt podcast.

I like a lot of what he says about the state of the world and the various attempts to improve it, dislike most of what he says about the solutions, but most of all hate the smug self assured certainty in which he says it.

Have a little humility dude!

Would recommend listening. Jim Rutt is a nice counter balance and pushes back on quite a few points.

"If you’re upset about regular folk hoarding toilet paper, wait till you hear about how a tiny percentage of rich people have hoarded most of the world’s wealth."

It seems a lot of people are finding out about now that their team has transitioned to remote work. Coincidentally, we've been working on a major upgrade to our encrypted kanban app featuring a markdown editor and tagging system for all your tasks. #WFH

Please stop organising queer and radical events on Facebook.

PSA: last night one of our pyrex cooking dishes exploded.

not fractured, exploded. β€œpyrex isn’t supposed to do that” we thought.

as of a few years ago, Pyrex sold their brand, the new company changed glass recipe as a cost cutting measure, resulting in a pandemic of exploding cookware and a class action lawsuit.

thankfully the patent has expired and the keyword to look for in competing glass cookware products is β€œborosilicate glass”

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