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"The coronavirus outbreak is, ultimately, a lesson in not just the inherent systemic fragilities in industrial civilization, but also the limits of its underlying paradigm."

"Getting through coronavirus will be an exercise not just in building societal resilience, but relearning the values of cooperation, compassion, generosity and kindness, and building systems which institutionalize these values. "

Sounds nice πŸ˜€ tech call today! 

"emsenn everything is very dire but I don't know what I can do to address it."

1) Increase your independence from the kyriarchy
2) so you can more safely sabotage it

Being independent from the kyriarchy means learning to see where you're dependent on it, and cultivating ways to meet those needs elsewhere.

That usually means building meaningful local communities that can provide real material support, by making food, clothes, medicines, so on. tech meta, upgrade commencing 

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Utter madness.

Clearview scraped billions of photos for its facial recognition app.

New docs reveal it's been used by more than 2,200 law enforcement departments, government agencies, and companies across 27 countries.
.onion: bfnews3u2ox4m4ty.onion/article

πŸŽͺ can anyone recommend some nice events/festivals/conferences this year? (doing some year planning...)

🎩 topics: FOSS, food, co-ops, new/regenerative/gift economy, ecovillages, mutual aid, ... (bonus for all combined!)

πŸ—ΊοΈ location: europe, UK and are interesting to me. tech meta, gitlab permissions 

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Doing a tech call now join

Sorry for neglecting to give proper notice but I've been traveling today and forgot.

πŸš— I'm involved in organising a hackweek in April for - kind of an open source and free alternative to couchsurfing etc, that came out of the hitchwiki project (so lots of hitchhikers on it...).

πŸ‘­ it kind of represents a bit of a reboot of the project, to get more active team again. and we're keen to make it more community-driven...

❓ feel free to ask me questions!

πŸ’» you can register your interest here -->

πŸ‘ pls boost!

'Freshare'β€”fresh, shared dataβ€”is a project idea I have about helping collectives to maintain data about themselves, in order to allow new, more resilient forms of cooperation :

I gave a presentation yesterday and have now set up a pad and gitlab repository

Feedback welcome!

@yala @jums #lod #sharing #supercooperation

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189 commits merged, with the oldest dating from nov. 2017, 4689 lines added, 5523 lines removed: big inventaire update today!! feedback welcome :D

associated PRs:


I just stumbled across this software to power food co-ops, I don't have any use for it myself now

It seems to be concentrated around Germany/Austria, maybe should get some wider use, seems to be in active development over a sustained period of time.

Call for Candidates: Coordination Working Group 

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