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you know what would be nice? if web browsers had two modes, essentially - a "Document Mode" and an "App Mode." in doc mode you'd have access to CSS, HTML, all the layout stuff, but absolutely no javascript ot anything turing complete. the web browser would offer extra doc-specific chrome, like entering a Reader Mode, changing fonts, or selecting between alternate stylesheets offered by the site.

in application mode, all of that would go away, javascript and all the rest would be turned on. when you'd load an App Mode page you'd get a window warning you, displaying the name of the app, a description, a list of requested capabilities (with toggles to selectively deactivate them or, say, enable location spoofing, whatever), the developer's credentials, and require the user to explicitly click a button to say "yes, run app, please." and every single goddamn bit of everything would require code-signing. foreign javascript gets inserted somehow? too bad, it's not signed by the app's declared certificate, and the app is terminated or the user is just warned, depending on user preference.

but we'll never get anything like this, because browsers are too in thrall to Big App and Big Data and the throngs of javascript freaks who are congenitally unable to display a single line of text without dragging in 36 levels of dependencies and turning your processor's fan up to max

#Barncamp is happening again this year!
Not sure what the program is yet, but cool things that have come out of it in the past are the "tech tools for activism" booklet and blog site

Thought of the day: everyone praises that being a developer is easy cuz there's so much work around, but it's so damn hard to find something that doesn't corrupt your soul, smashes your ethics and doesn't compromise your morals. Ignoring that yeah, there's lots of jobs around 🙄

capitalism *gross mismanagement of natural resources* is *multi hundred percentage cost of living increases in two decades* efficient *millions of people without basic reliable access to food housing and medicine*

Tired: Escaping from the trappings of civilization to live a mythologized hunter-gatherer lifestyle in a lonely wilderness

Wired: Dropping out of the worst aspects of capitalist civilization by joining a self-sustaining intentional community on cultivated farmland.

Inspired: Rejecting the separation of "civilization" from "wilderness" as an inherently colonialist distinction and actively working to dissolve the border between the two.

So far so good. UK government just delivered on the 1st demand of , declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

Guardians coverage of Venezuela Show more

Guardians coverage of Venezuela Show more

Guardians coverage of Venezuela Show more

#Cotech listening to a super presentation on a network of tech coops in Argentina
They have build a fantastic network where worker coops participate together to share and work without competing. They train each other for free in technologies to be able to grow and expand too.

I thought I might try using PixelFed to share some of my photos, I am a bit hesitant as pictures out of context easily present a false picture of reality, but lets try it --->

Waa, three things I'd love to take part in this summer, but they don't quite fit together as neatly as I'd like:
- ecotopia bike tour UK
- BarnCamp
- Stir to Action festival

We made it to Can Decreix (pronounced close to "Candy Crush") in the end. Just one night to nose around and get a feel for it. Nice and peaceful. Could stay longer. Cooked a dinner and had a nice evening chat with the tired people.

I'm trying to make a short visit to Can Decreix ( - but not having much success contacting anyone there (tried email, phone, sms), does anyone have a good contact? (or, is it a place where turning up is OK, would prefer not to though!)

It's now official, we're buying land to start our #forest #community! We're settling in Silverto, Paredes de Coura in #portugal. #rural #cohousing

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, actively ramping up the use of fossil fuels with AI and machine learning.


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Hey, I'm in Barcelona, wondering if there is a cool/nice/free/cheap space to work with my laptop (of course only on nice co-op/open source/community related projects).

Any tips? (Staying in Pobel-Sec, can travel of course...)

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Silicon Valley is full of the stupidest geniuses you'll ever meet. The problem begins in the classrooms where computer science is taught.

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