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I have a feeling the regeneration proposals/voting would have come to a better outcome by using the ideas outlined by @douginamug in (summary page)

There seemed to be many good intentions and ideas, but not the right structure to turn them into an acceptable proposal.

Trying to get a little more structure in my life and wrote a few thoughts down.

Going for the "What I did last week" / "What I want to do next week" format initially. I like the idea to be part of a peer-supported community for this kind of thing.

I don't understand the enthusiasm for Open Collective, they are a for-profit, VC-backed, private company that take 10% of your money (+ 2.9% + 0.30c fee from stripe). (specifically the "Teams" bit), seems like a great alternative to this - and fees can be as low as 0.6% / €0.59.

Liberapay is just missing the startup-style hubris :/ (and the sexy website)

Oh, I just realized my wording maybe sound like I wrote the article :) Bruno from Solikyl did.

Just published a nice article from Solikyl in Sweden about organising foodsaving groups (mostly) without facebook:

Hello! Next week I will be talking in #Edinburgh (and the week after in #Glasgow) about post-consensus, cooperative decision-making 😀

I will explore why #scoreVoting is a cooperative practice when #consensus can't be reached

Please come if you can or forward to anyone in central #Scotland you think might be interested 😗

Can someone recommend an approach to make a simple/lightweight/unincorporated co-op to turn our hosted foodsaving software ( into something like a platform co-op?

At the moment we administrate the server/instance without any clear structure... would like something more like

A short constitution + a loomio group?

At least when one company screws up, capitalism ensures that customers can just switch to a competing service... oh, hang on...


Trying to survive London for a week without getting stressed, despairing, or depressed :)

Being at Outlandish HQ is nice though, interesting people to talk with from here, Space4 below, others passing through. A beacon of hope. Or something like that.

I spent a month cycling this across Europe - powered about 90% from free/saved food, and £9 in accomodation costs

... and a really crappy photo of the whole solar setup:
- 20w panel from photonic universe
- Genasun GV-5 MPPT charge controller
- What's up power meter
- Deben Tracer LiPo 14Ah 12v battery
- RAVPower twin 5v USB adapter (and USB tester on the end)
- buck/boost DC-DC converter (set to 20v)
- ThinkPad power tip

swapped my big solar panel with a much smaller panel for increased output (big panel is a bit broken now, small panel is also much more efficient)

Most exciting Intellij IDEA fix in 2018.1 update - double shift cursor focus! - I am so excited by this. Maybe irrationally so.😍

ah hey @catonano - from hacker retreat in Berlin a few years ago right?

hey :) I came here via via @douginamug.

I currently exist in two worlds: co-operative digital agencies in the UK (working with Outlandish, and maybe others in the future) and open-source community platforms (, (not yet open source), and

My dream = co-operative + remote + open source + community + platforms + "sharing" lifestyle.

Or, maybe just bike touring forever instead ;) is a cooperatively-run corner of the Fediverse. The instance is democratically governed by its members, who generally share an interest in the co-op model, but topics of discussion range widely.

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