@erbridge yup that would be great! You use docker-compose or docker swarm?

@erbridge Ubuntu 18.04. Current setup uses docker so some idea to continue with that. I am a bit more mixed about it. What did you go for?

@erbridge thanks, informal would be fine too, only got 10 days until switchover! 😨

Thanks @f0x 😀 I guess ideally would be able to manage it all in-co-op.

@cocoron so you have any public docs about your setup and/or experiences? Docker or standalone? Social.coop is moving soon too...

@adrianheine I like it with the next sentence too:

> One of the great lies of capitalism is that consumption is culture. Culture is participatory.

@leedscath ah well you clearly are which I would have noticed had I bothered to read your subsequent toots :) enjoy Canada!

@leedscath heya :) in Glasgow for a few months, although just planning a little jaunt around the UK. You're still stateside?

Next weekly update entry :)

I decided not to strictly compare what I wanted to do last week with what I actually did.


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@kawaiipunk me neither, my first approach years ago was just popping down to the local maplins ... I got a solar charge controller, but it was only for lead-acid batteries, need to get the appropriate one for your battery

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@kawaiipunk the same principles apply for a more DIY approach, e.g. homemade battery pack from 18650 cells.

Solar panels can be much cheaper than the one I got before (although the very flexible CIGS ones are often pretty pricey still), semi-flexible ones seem cheaper.

I recently bought a small (20w) panel from photonicuniverse.com/en/catalo with the idea of getting more/bigger ones for laptop use, unfortunately it seems to have broken, but I haven't had time to investigate or contact them yet.

@kawaiipunk hey, I remember :)

I have managed to power my laptop from solar (my original setup is described here ontheroad.nicksellen.co.uk/gea) - but not without plenty of faff.

Off-the-shell solutions exist, but to me they are expensive and non-modular. I prefer individual components I can recombine. My old 62w panel is pretty dead now, but some components live on.

I could go into much more detail if you're interested :)

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@paulfree14 @artsyhonker @vfrmedia oh, and for cycle routes I mostly use cycle.travel and export a gpx - I used to use https://openrouteservice.or/ but they have a max journey length now :/

@paulfree14 @artsyhonker @vfrmedia I use oruxmaps.com with maps from openandromaps.org

Can be a bit fiddly but very powerful combo.

Don't know about how pure it's free-ness is. Free enough for me :)

I mostly use it for navigating outside cities when walking/cycling. Tend to use Google/maps.me in the city.

@Matt_Noyes @douginamug I'm peripherally involved in both of those projects. I think the tooling lags the theory still but a promising direction.

Sounds like it might get implemented in loomio too. See mobile.twitter.com/loomio/stat

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