can you guys recommend me blogs and podcasts on neurodivergence, preferably by neurodivergent people? specially on autism and adhd :) i need more fuel to feed my little current obsession :blob_spin:

(english, spanish and portuguese content ok!)

#recommendation #fedihelp

@kat I've been "swimming" in the river quite a bit lately, but more like 10 meters for now. If that. Very cold. Very very nice though 🏞️

Waiting for my tolerance to increase and the river warm a bit.

@GuerillaOntologist to my mind any coalition is an abstraction over the concrete actions of people, and it's a way to unite variations under an umbrella.

But if the umbrella is too big, the concrete actions might conflict, as scott describes, too small it can't hold enough to be useful.

So rather than the binary "concrete vs ideals", it's about careful calibration of the size to avoid the limitations of coalitions.

Perhaps each part remaining whole whilst contributing the bigger whole.

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@redoak thanks! Much appreciated action πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘

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Just to err on the side of caution and privacy, now sets a header opting out of Google's new FLoC tracking.

For more information on FLoC, see here:

Not that this is an official statement of any kind but i also recommend not using Chrome/Chromium browsers if you have any choice in the matter.

I drew some flowers! 🌷🌻🌹

As I wander around the city, I particularly like looking at the little flowers that grow in the toughest places, like poking out a small crack in a stone wall. Resilient and beautiful!

I allowed creative freedom whilst drawing though, any likeness to real flowers is co-incidental...

What wellness is marketed as:
-Body lotions
-Fancy juices

What wellness ACTUALLY looks like:
-Health care coverage
-Access to therapy
-Walkable cities
-Green spaces
-Living wages
-Paid time off
-Physical activity
-Close knit communities

Everyone who works with computers intently are really confused as to why other people want to put computers in everything

@GuerillaOntologist also sounds wise!

Maybe it's hard distinguishing between "ideals" and "concrete goals". In the book scott crow is talking a lot about the Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund coalition (PHRF), and I was wondering about the Make Poverty History coalition. Are these "ideals" or "concrete goals"?

I didn't get the impression that by "ideals" he meant ideology (which would seem tough in the way you describe), but things that might seem quite concrete at first glance (like the PHRF).

@douginamug I think starting from the framing of "explaining things to people" is maybe misguided, especially with "engineery/developer types".

I think metaphors work to make things clearer if there is at least a blurry idea already, but they are perhaps not driver of new thinking. Two ideas come to mind:

1. encourage/facilitate direct experiences in scenarios where the current system is weak (e.g. creative freedom..)
2. detailed "engineery" descriptions of the need for system change

"Broad coalitions are problematic in that groups are brought together in the name of noble ideals, but shared values and relationships between them are not concrete enough to flesh out the coalition's goals" said scott crow, sounds wise, I thought.

(From Black Flags and Windmills)

@ArneBab I suspect everybody here is "fighting to improve things".

I saw a bunch of stuff that did seem to misrepresent RMS using quotes without context, and unwarranted criticism of personal eccentricities and neurodiverse traits.

I think that's unfortunate as it takes away from the important wider points from being heard.

FSF/RMS are in a great position for hearing those points, and they seem to have chosen not to. This calls for a sensitive reading of the mood. Listening, not speaking.

In this "culture war" regarding FSF/RMS most of the commentary I see about the bad things done/said.

I wonder about borrowing a model from the relationship context: the cycle of harmony -> disharmony -> repair.

The most important bit isn't the disharmony, that is inevitable at some point, but the repair.

And this is where I think FSF/RMS really went wrong.

When people bring up a huge range of issues over a long period of time it deserves some serious reflection, healing, and change.

My little babies! Mostly broad beans. And 2 from the neighbour which apparently are courgettes, but they don't look like courgettes to me, hmm.

I present you: mosey culture (as opposed to hustle culture)

Our goals are out there and we work toward them, but we take our time.

"Someday I want to achieve my goal, but for now check out this pretty flower I have 🌻 . I'm gonna stop and enjoy it before I mosey on to my next task."

@freakazoid That's why I think we need a new term. I'm using "cooperative technology": cooperativetechnology.codeberg

The idea is to find out which to nurture more, or what to ask from ones that are lacking in something.

I'm not used to the practise of asking for things that I am missing, and hopefully this can help me label those things.

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I like life as an ecosystem of people and projects - aligning more or less with each of them over time, not just binary in/out.

I listed 6 or 7 such projects that are on my radar right now, and wondered how to evaluate them, I'm trying this system of 3 questions, each scored 0-10 plus a comment:

a) how enjoyable is the experience of participating?
b) how much does it support my needs? (economic, social, material, emotional, etc)
c) how well does it align with my values?

I love my ebook reader case. It was a bit of cardboard I found in the bin to use as a hitchhiking sign, then I folded it around the ebook reader and held it together with an elastic band.

It's lasted at least 2 years now, happily absorbs a light sprinkling of rain, and only needed one elastic band replacement.

I think the 26 is from the N26 in France. If that's a road!

Today we had the first meeting of a small group of neighbours here who are up for greening the lane behind the houses. Adding benches, planters, and some art perhaps.

It's an expensive middle class neighbourhood where my dad lives and I'm staying for now and trying to get active.

I was quite pleased they were into reusing materials we already might have or can find, optimising for low quality soil, not seeking permission, being mindful of more isolated neighbours, and non managerial vibe.

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