@flancian I don't think they are neutral. The social design of the whole thing exerts an influence. And the positioning/marketing too.

For example, it's not easy for twitter superstars with gazillions of followers to replicate that on Mastodon.

Or how the moderation features are designed. Lots of ways.

In general I'm wary of claims to neutrality, as it often means analysis of structural effects is missing.

@flancian I don't see how they would work. People mention other users a lot and most of those don't have corresponding Twitter/Mastodon accounts.

Twitter is the walled garden, whereas you can interact with social.coop across the fediverse (activitypub stuff), like you can email anyone regardless of who hosts their email.

I don't like the vibe over on twitter anyway, so it's not just a technical problem, but a social/cultural one too.

Then again I'm not sure I like any social media anyway!

@flancian there are people that do it, but I tend to mute the ones that cross post from Twitter to Mastodon. It causes lots of link breakages (e.g. to people's Twitter handles), and never feels like they are part of the community here.

To me the most meaningful thing here is the community of people to engage with as opposed to a destination to publish to.

If you want to engage in conversation here I'd drop the Crossposting approach. Others may be happy with it of course πŸ™‚

@wptest just testing replying to this WordPress ActivityPub plugin...

@idmyn it doesn't solve it entirely, as DRM removal needs your specific account/key setup to decrypt, it can't just decrypt any old ebook.

@idmyn the whole thing feels a bit fragile and slowly getting more and more archaic.

I wonder if there is a better way. DRM-free in the first place is nice. Or maybe just buy the books then torrent to get DRM-free versions.

@idmyn exactly, with DeDRM, and Adobe digital editions 2.0 installed in wine. Also needed to install python and pycrypto inside wine for DeDRM to do it's work.

I failed for a while trying to directly run .msi files to install stuff in wine, not realising it needs "msexec /i" first.

Also took a while trying with various versions of dot net framework. Settled for 3.5sp1 from winetricks.

Latest Adobe digital editions apparently uses different encryption, and calibre 5 is python 3 so no DeDRM.

I bought 6 new books today for my (secondhand) kindle, and managed to avoid amazon entirely!

plutobooks and verso books are nice and DRM free already. but I also got some from hive.co.uk which supports local bookshops apparently... but it uses adobe digital editions DRM and getting the DRM off those was very painful.

lots of fiddling with wine basically.

Hello! Looking for hardware for measuring indoor air quality πŸ’¨ 🏠 πŸ’¨ One of our housemates has allergies we're trying to track down... Hardware must detect:
- particulate matter (e.g. PM 2.5 & 10)
- volatile organic compounds (specifically wood volatiles like turpentine)

Should be as open as possible and 'affordable'. Temp. & humidity nice bonus, but not necessary. Does not need to be turn-key/can be for nerds πŸ€“

@ntnsndr seems a bit premature given the second strategy summit session has not happened yet (which enables people in other timezones to participate), and no outcomes shared from the first summit (that I have managed to find)

Excited to have our submission to the "Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing For Economies" workshop at NordiCHI 2020 accepted!

Not sure how it works really, but we're interested to engage with HCI (Human Computer Interaction) researchers about the intersection of grassroots resource saving initiatives, open source software, and democratic governance.

I'm not in academia but keen to try and support the bridge between theory and practise.


/by social.coop/@nicksellen

@radicalresilience ooh nice! we saw some potatoes being harvested, it was interesting actually as the field looked barren, but the potatoes were still in the ground and the machine was scooping them up. I'm sure plenty left...

social.coop tech co-ordinator rotation 

social.coop tech call 

Some gleaning success! I'm hoping to do a lot more as I cycle past the fields post-harvest. So much food. Hundreds of cabbages and cauliflowers left wasting in the fields I passed in a couple of hours or cycling.

That cabbage is unbelievably huge!

@astralship I wrote in private to Billy actually after I read the post, I thought it wasn't a good place for what seems more like a personal dispute.

Subsequently though, I think the community on there could do more to support some kind of resolution rather than just hiding the posts, is it a community or not?

I was thinking to write something on there to that effect, although I'm travelling at the moment for a while, so not very focus on the computer, let's see!

@fribbledom I am generally for public ownership, in which β€œpublic” doesn't mean β€œrun by the government” but instead is generally democratic - by and for the people. I don't consider governments to be operating in the interests of the people in most cases, and that voting for the correct candidate is not a solution.

Public ownership of software, public access to knowledge, public ownership of land and housing. Public ownership of the things we need to live: food, electricity, water, health care.

From this basic disposition a lot of other things logically follow, such as disliking hierarchies and large centralised organisations.

I still crave gift economies. I don't understand leftists creating new money systems claiming they will be fix capitalism.

Trade based on social relations, collective desires, solidarity, and love.

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