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It's not very clear to me what you mean, you want to use disroot, or build something similar to disroot?

@wu_lee @clayton @Matt_Noyes @mike_hales @protean git.coop has GitLab CI enabled (see runners in git.coop/social.coop/tech/ansi), and if we need something else we can run a runner on the server itself :)

I wonder if @Matt_Noyes was thinking of something more than a static site though:

> We could use the website registration as our main tool for onboarding new people.

@mfashby @kawaiipunk as for integrating, would feel a bit like mastodon integrating with twitter 😉

It's not just about what the users do, or the general aims, but the organisational structure behind the whole thing - and the various motives/incentives.

The bottom line for a business is profit. For Karrot, there is no simple bottom line, it'll carry on existing so long as people find it useful and we can keep it running!

@mfashby @kawaiipunk I met the Olio people a couple of years back, we know about each other 😎

There is a lot of infrastructure to support VC-funded startups, and it fits in a consumer world (free apps for users and lots of £££ behind the scenes to make it all happen).

When moving away from profit-orientated models, it's hard! We rely on independently active/motivated user groups - I'm just a software dev :/ ... but I believe in the model to empower independent community groups.

@kawaiipunk @mfashby the food saving startups have a bunch of VC-funding, and they will need to find a way to profit to pay it back, karrot is unfunded/volunteer/co-op-ish, and takes the "community", open source approach, which might be slower but also trying to support ownership, empowerment, and democracy.

Also more like a federated model, as each food saving group is independent, they just use the software.

See foodsaving.today for more stories, or forum at community.foodsaving.world/ :)

@mfashby @kawaiipunk I just put the CSP policy out of "report only" mode, so should be ok now! Let me know if you still see a warning.

@mfashby @kawaiipunk thanks :)

Re: the SSL - I suspect what you're seeing is actually a "mixed content" issue (as groups can use markdown for the descriptions, one group has an http:// protocol image), I made a CSP policy which will block those, but only deployed it to our dev site for now :) (was running it in prod in report-only mode to see what comes up).

Another approach is to proxy insecure images via our server, but takes time to code + bandwidth.

If you have other tips I'm all ears!

@kawaiipunk haha, yeah minecraft always seemed to peaceful to me. although the other people here seem to prefer the peaceful, co-operative games... which I like too... but I do love a bit of adrenaline filled action sometimes (e.g. xonotic.org/)

@kawaiipunk oh, I think it was just having 3 or 4 people all playing at once... I would be stressed and panicking if it were just me playing :)

@kawaiipunk it looked quite oldschool too which put me off, so far openrct2 has got the mindshare here, we did the 3 beginner scenarios quite easily (tip: take a massive loan!)... the tricky ones we start tomorrow!

here's our park from last night:

@kawaiipunk we took out quite a few loans at the start, but managed to pay them back once we were profitable.

some of the rides ended up super profitable. the multiplayer was quite nice, less frantic panic! we had 4 players most of the time, then down to 3 later on.

checking out openttd, 0ad, openage... etc now... oh dear!

@kawaiipunk oh, I managed to compel the others to join, once we found the game that everyone was interested to play...

we went for openrct2.org/ and made a lovely park :)

@kawaiipunk aaaaaah, now I'm downloading xonotic.org/ and hedgewars.org ... how will I ever keep working on karrot tnow ...

Nationwide fraud detection is over eager and blocks my transactions from time to time, I complained to them that their algorithm does not accurately fit my usage patterns, but they say there is no problem, when there clearly is a problem for me.

The problem is they've built a big fancy automated system driven by algorithm and I am probably an edge case.

@colomar I read you can do that with mastalab (see github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/). I didn't try though.

I agree about federated timeline. My one is just a chaotic noise and I have no idea what anybody is talking about :/

@colomar I haven't seen Fosstodon before, looks good! I still kind of resent having to pick one "home" on mastodon.

I just had my first patch merged into a project I've just started contributing to, the website foodsharing.de (where people can share unneeded food with others, and coordinate picking up and sharing unsold food from supermarkets).
It's not open source yet (open-sourcing is their next milestone), but it always feels great to contribute to something which makes the world a better place :)

Call for participation!

If you're into #python (#django) or #javascript (#vuejs) development and looking for a project that is driving social change and is owned and run by nice people who care about ethical technology and participatory governance then check out foodsaving.world/.

See the #35C3 talk: media.ccc.de/v/35c3-9882-the_f

Break things: github.com/yunity/karrot-backe + github.com/yunity/karrot-front

Over and Out.

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