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nice to see discussion happening, I'd be happier not to be tagged in these discussions though, as I'm trying to detach. happy to help out on specific things though if needed :)

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happy to see some energy here, but it's not something for me at the moment, can you untag me, thanks! (and then later implement a fediverse feature for self-untagging... however that would work... :D).


if @redoak or @idmyn or any other tech wg person wants to set up one or both of those things, I'd be very happy πŸ˜ƒ (partly making sure those skills are distributed beyond just me... well, I have to look up what to do each time anyway...)

@flancian done! as mentioned in matrix chat, there is also email alias and gpg key to do...


@flancian @edsu @neil @idmyn @jonny @redoak @datatitian

the poll finished! thanks for that πŸ€—

maybe you can share an outcome, then can get it booked into peoples diaries πŸ“† πŸ€™

@neil @redoak I approved it. I don't appear to be an admin in loomio though as far as I can tell. there is no "admin" badge next to my name in the members list.

I only actually learnt about the approvals thing quite recently... maybe all members can approve? 🀷

the only admin listed in the tech working group is @wu_lee (can you make some more?)

@Matt_Noyes I end up expressing something along the lines of what you just expressed quite often... but don't feel I can communicate very well why I think differently yet.

there is also much nuance: "He suggests that natural, social and other forms of capital be evaluated not in financial terms, but on their own terms."

still quite a rationalist linear mindset (measure, act, evaluate).

models of subjective relational value is what I'm curious about...

this kind of personal connection makes a big difference to me, compared to many chains of unknown organisations (many of which I'm sure are great too).

... so maybe if you know me, that chain of trust continues on to you?

I was close to bursting into tears hearing of the difference of what people in different contexts have to get involved with, on a day to day basis...

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I got to know a friend whilst she studied for a masters in economics, we both went back to our hometowns afterwards and got active in local neighbourhood groups...

only her hometown is in Ukraine, so whereas I've been building raised beds with neighbours, she's sourcing medical equipment for injured people, tourniquets and medikits...

there is a post here for accepting donations if you're interested to support facebook.com/Save.Kvity.Ukrain

PayPal: savekvityukrainy@gmail.com

@neil @edsu @flancian @idmyn @jonny @redoak @datatitian

ah, sorry about the next meeting thing, I proposed the date, but let the organising of it drop-off, that's on me! (not making a firm plan means it didn't make it to my calendar and planning awareness).

how shall we proceed to get the next one planned? maybe somebody else feels willing to take up the planning part? (part of transition of responsibilities! super useful role!)

@neil thanks! yes, interesting. I came across humhub some time before I think...

mightynetworks.com gets used sometimes, though it's a closed source very money orientated ("how much money can I earn from a community"), and divides the admins from the people...

I mean, karrot.world is somewhere in this space, but it's not a social network.

yes, could be happy to be put in touch, might be able to share motivation/thoughts/whatever. maybe DM me with contact? cheers.

@yala the thought to build on fedi is that it's already A Thing, with some momentum, and hopefully other local instances can pop up over time... if this one gets any traction, can share the knowledge/skills/experience...

... I think I need to do some open in person sessions here, one of the main vibes from people so far is about rethinking toxic personal relationship with social media (addiction, polarisation, disconnection), so want to build on that.

@bhaugen @datatitian

@yala thanks for input :)

I know about the kind of "alternative event calender" things you listed, Bath just isn't cool enough to have enough stuff to get on those... Bristol, nearby does, but Bath is a very different context (IMO).

I'm trying to learn more about it (I walk about, chat to people, etc...). I grew up here, but that was only 1 narrow slice of it.

I don't find much autonomous-minded community to build on... an odd, yet familiar, culture here to my mind :)

@bhaugen @datatitian

@bhaugen I don't know if this counts as an "actual community", I mean it exists, as it's a place with existing communities...

... this could also be my problem, not having an existing coherent community that has decided together to use a new social media platform.

... but the premise to me of social media is allowing this more diffuse sense of community, not something with clear boundaries.

@yala @datatitian

@yala I'll try:

Given a small city with it's various siloed projects, individuals, and existing unhealthy corporate social media usage, and knowing that people are generally quite overwhelmed/confused with technology, how can we make use of tech to nurture a thriving ecosystem of people and projects ...

My initial presentation --> about.bath.social/presentation

... this is just a first move, it's not a well defined problem, and likely many wrong assumptions ... all emergent...

@bhaugen @datatitian

@me thanks, I did try it out before somewhere and got quite confused, but I just requested access to your one, maybe I learn something different!

... although now I have a hometown instance up and running, so switching would be a bigger deal... although not so active yet...

@bhaugen I actually get quite confused about the zotlabs ecosystem codeberg.org/zot has zap, roadhouse, rematrix, and osada, and the README for each just says their name and "A fediverse server."

and zotlabs.com/ is a dreamhost landing page.

zotlabs.org/page/zotlabs/compa has more but says it's outdated.

@datatitian @bob

@me thanks! I did look (as you noticed), but nowhere near as in depth as you did.

whats your sense of how it might be for people that aren't particularly comfortable with tech?

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