@neil I loved the film and seemed nice to see it not so far from East Kilbride (and saw it with my East Kilbridean friend).

I found it very powerful and was tearful at various bits and uplifted. I love that there is a way to support each other across the world without any bureaucratic intermediaries. Just people doing what makes sense to them.

I'd love it to have wider circulation and encourage more people to act within their workplace.

I'd love more tech people to think about housing, and more housing people to think about tech.

To that end I've been co-organising an event with @kawaiipunk (and other people I can't @ mention).

You can come and hear me speak about kanthaus.online/en and other things :)

It's 7pm Wednesday November 28th at space4 in London.

Here is a nice link meetup.com/London-CoTech-Meetu

Recently I’ve noticed that more images here on mastodon seem to have descriptions for the vision impaired. Thanks very much to everyone who is doing this, it’s making my social media experience a heck of a lot better.

If anyone needs any help onboarding onto #Scuttlebutt feel free to drop me a message!

Come play chess with me and I can introduce you to great peeps 😁

@douginamug doesn't look much like Antwerp :p

Enjoy the training!

Thinking about all the surprising parts of doing software engineering work -- like the hours spent getting the friggin' build to work -- I wrote down a list of some of the Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Software Engineer: anaulin.org/blog/things-nobody

@anaulin I've probably avoided positions where someone might performance evaluate me.

Though would love more of: "supporting someone to grow in the ways that fit them best"

I've been pondering a way to distribute money in a team and maybe the same idea applies to evaluations: workers themselves tend to know who is up to what, so if everyone did score voting about everyone else, might quickly work it out p2p style.

Might not work without generally transparent/open personal dynamics though.

do you know people/communities in the #SanFrancisco area that could host me for some days in the coming weeks? I will attend #WikiCite at the end of the month, coming around early as I don't do 10,000km every day! :D
I would love to use this time to meet/live with locals into #Ecoliving #KnowledgeSharing #LibreSoftware #Wikimedians... or just great human beings in general :) boosts welcome & DMs open! #SanFrancisco #Oakland #CowoSlowTourism #hosting #hospex

welcome :) glad you made it, you could do an introduction post (add # introduction hashtag (without the space))

Here was mine fyi social.coop/@nicksellen/997111

@neil ooh thanks for the tip, might go and see it tonight

I got me a scuttlebutt my magic string is:


I didn't actually write anything of interest on it yet. Let's see how it goes.

Kinda seems kind of like another thing to keep me removed from my todo list.

Will be more lured by interesting content, any recommendations?

YES I'm down for a FUCK Show more

Ooh so good to be in some nature. With 4G reception. Co-op hitching trip in full swing. Updates/reports come after.

There can be no agency in a hierarchy - only the receiving of orders from above and the compulsion to push them below. Individualism and hierarchies are mutually opposed, but they are sold together in through obfuscation. Many believe that hierarchies somehow produce individual autonomy, although this is clearly an ignorance of the highest order. Tell me when you're packed on to a commuter train or stuck in your car on a motorway at your boss's order how free you feel.

I just watched a documentary about the M11 link road protests in London in the mid 90s near to where I was born, was very good!

Even though the road was built in the end the protest seemed to have wider impact on road building.


@douginamug did it work? I wonder if you'll be able to reply from your cell :thonking:

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