I'm using the wordpress activitypub plugin, posting over at @nick - but despite choosing to only use the excerpt and permalink as the activitypub content, it posts the whole post without formatting, and it looks a mess.

I am using the "more" block in each of my posts, usually after the first paragraph, and I'd assumed that "excerpt" is the bit before the "more" block?

any ideas?

Oh, I just realised NewPipe isn't just for YouTube, also has SoundCloud, media.ccc.de, framatube (peertube?), And Bandcamp. Nice!

I somehow feel like I should have known that...

I'm trying to make sense of what my model of personal economy is. Which needs I want to fulfil, material and non-material, and the sources they come from. Acknowledging different modes of value exchange (gift, commons, market, state), and also privileges I have.

I wonder if anybody else here has done this or thought about it and has some ideas for how to model it or represent it visually?

I'm starting by sketching some ideas...

My local hammock/swimming spot.

Despite all the talk about enjoying the wellbeing benefits of nature, wild swimming, and cold water, hardly anybody participating, even though it's just right there! (plenty of people walking past that spot, it's not secret/hidden).

I drew some flowers! 🌷🌻🌹

As I wander around the city, I particularly like looking at the little flowers that grow in the toughest places, like poking out a small crack in a stone wall. Resilient and beautiful!

I allowed creative freedom whilst drawing though, any likeness to real flowers is co-incidental...

My little babies! Mostly broad beans. And 2 from the neighbour which apparently are courgettes, but they don't look like courgettes to me, hmm.

I love my ebook reader case. It was a bit of cardboard I found in the bin to use as a hitchhiking sign, then I folded it around the ebook reader and held it together with an elastic band.

It's lasted at least 2 years now, happily absorbs a light sprinkling of rain, and only needed one elastic band replacement.

I think the 26 is from the N26 in France. If that's a road!

We had lovely sun here today, and it seemed a good day for taking plant photos. Here are four I liked from my set.

food picture (vegetarian) 

Mmm, I got a lot of satisfaction from this meal, aesthetically, taste, and probably nutritionally.

It's one of my "default" kind of meals.

Roast anything in sight, in this case swede, peppers, mushrooms, red onion, fennel, and some other root veg I don't know...

Eat with some lentils/beans/grains, in this case a red lentil daal with peas.

Topped with extra flavour, in this case toasted sunflower/pumpkin seeds. And some leftover sour cream laced with garlic and herbs.

My friend created this initiative to motivate people to try and grow something this spring - vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers...

I'm going to try something... 🌽 🌻 🍐 πŸ₯¦ πŸ₯• πŸ“

You can visit growingfestival.com/ find out more πŸ†

I made myself a week planner!

I hand drew it on a piece of card then laminated it, my regular things are stuck on, but will get some whiteboard markers for more random things probably.

Little cards in the pot on the left are for exciting ideas of things to do one day... I can dig them out if motivation is suitable.

I like not putting any precise timings on it at all, probably suits my week style for now.

To improve my mental state, I printed out some photos of places I've been over the years.

I then picked the best 8 that gave me the sense of deep peace/warmth/joy.

This feeling is my memory of the state I was in when I took the photo, not the photo itself, so you get to have your own unique experience when looking at them, but maybe they bring you a something also nice.

Here there are! 1/2

oh I miss opportunities for informal music jamming.

here's me (on the piano) with some people (that I don't see now) having a nice jam some years ago.

the most fucked up thing is there is *loads* of space for this *physically* but not socially/economically.

think empty/pointless shops. they should be open social spaces.

I think most people have never even experienced an open social space so don't even notice it missing ... and if they do encounter one, they have no idea how to be in it.

selfie, new (self) hair cut 

Second self hair cut! Getting bolder now. Realised I don't really care if I go a bit wrong... especially with the tip from @kawaiipunk that you can touch it up in the next days. Have to get out of my mind the idea that a haircut can only fit within a specified time period.

I notice that I still have echoes of the terror of going back into school with a new hair cut when, regardless of the hair cut, there would unwanted attention/comments. Anything to put someone down.

... and some of the plants, poor cold things! (although they seem to be ok, what do I know about plants anyway...)


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A few piccies from my snowy walk along the canal to food growing place I go to ... (we don't get snow here much, so it's quite exciting!)


I really wanted to ride a cargo bike here and today I had my first day riding one!

From now I'll ride every week or two collecting and delivering things for a local share and repair project.

Today I delivered some clothes to be repaired by a retired seamstress, collected a newly fixed pressure washer, delivered a dehumidifier on loan, and more.

The bike itself is also on loan, and after me used to pickup surplus food for another project.

Small steps individually but a nice way I think.

I made some Christmas cards for the kids I know round here. I think they look like they were made by kids. Seems a good fit then!

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