Ooh so good to be in some nature. With 4G reception. Co-op hitching trip in full swing. Updates/reports come after.

Type of conversation that happens after moving into a slightly too big house ...

Any idea what kind of pot this is for? Has a concave lid... Found it this morning.

I spent a month cycling this across Europe - powered about 90% from free/saved food, and £9 in accomodation costs social.coop/media/-9kQvutQoygk

... and a really crappy photo of the whole solar setup:
- 20w panel from photonic universe
- Genasun GV-5 MPPT charge controller
- What's up power meter
- Deben Tracer LiPo 14Ah 12v battery
- RAVPower twin 5v USB adapter (and USB tester on the end)
- buck/boost DC-DC converter (set to 20v)
- ThinkPad power tip


swapped my big solar panel with a much smaller panel for increased output (big panel is a bit broken now, small panel is also much more efficient)

social.coop/media/FwjfugvK_zbO social.coop/media/0CQIU-RHXrg9


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