... and a really crappy photo of the whole solar setup:
- 20w panel from photonic universe
- Genasun GV-5 MPPT charge controller
- What's up power meter
- Deben Tracer LiPo 14Ah 12v battery
- RAVPower twin 5v USB adapter (and USB tester on the end)
- buck/boost DC-DC converter (set to 20v)
- ThinkPad power tip

@nicksellen This is cool - how did you make it, and what do you use it to charge?

@neil thanks :)

I just plug all wires together! Many of the bits are from my first solar setup I did in 2011 for a UK bike trip (see "Solar setup section" on, new bits are the smaller solar panel, a different laptop adapter, and USB output too.

It'll be for a spot of laptop work as I cycle across Europe, and keeping the many devices I lug around with me charged too (phone, camera, kindle, beard trimmer, etc).

Might double up on the panel for more power. Lets see.

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