I think I don't know what to post on here any more 🤷

Sort of feels a bit like walking into a busy cafe and talking about some random topic to the room 📣

Who are you all? Who am I?? ⁉️

There are lots of lovely people on here, I want to inhabit physical space with you though, not typing into this little box! 🌳 🏕️

Maybe I'm losing faith in a tech-centric approach to emancipation 😖

I want to (and do) engage with my local place more now 🏘️

What do you make of this, my cafe of random people? ☕

For a start, I can send you eHugs @nicksellen

Today, too busy to reflect further on the depth of your enquiry. Typical?! Is physical-proximal space any less busy? I don't think so. This isn't a digital phenomenon?

A reflective schema on proximity/reach'
The digital is in there. But not as a hub, just a dimension.

The digital is here too
Again, just a node not a hub. The digital is 'just' an aspect of place? Weird tho 🙄

> walking into a busy cafe and talking about some random topic to the room

That's the principle of OpenSpace gatherings? Not a bad principle to adopt?


@mike_hales I don't think writing on social.coop feels like an open space gathering (e.g. this kind of methodology transitionnetwork.org/wp-conte).

there is no particular framing here (as with a random cafe down the road). so, I guess I'm wanting more intentional space.

I'm not sure I feel much part of something here. I do a bit, but I'm not sure where it goes...

@nicksellen @mike_hales

Yea, the fedi as we use it most is a bit like the chatter-i-verse, right? That's the nature of the dominant app type we are all focused on. Things like local-only posting might create communities that are more focused, but still I feel to go that step further there's more needed on top of this microblogging medium.

Right now the only option is to have a 'multi-channel' community, bit I don't know examples of vibrant ones that have fedi channels actively involved.

@nicksellen @mike_hales

Microblogging is "see stuff that's interesting on your timeline, react sometimes, have interesting discussion sometimes, announce own stuff you find interesting"

@nicksellen @mike_hales

There is a social aspect. Over time by their toots you get to know more about the people you follow, and that can be very nice. But it is wholly different than how you'd get to know them if you had some beers with them in a bar and deeply discussed the stuff that drive you and life in general.

@humanetech@mastodon.social I've found that using the same thread for longer can help create longer, more meaningful discussions.


That is true. Though if there's a bunch of folks mentioned in the thread, they may become 'lurkers'. But that is the same as it goes in other mediums.

Only issue is that these longer discussion might 'glide' out of attention far down your feed, after a while.

Though there is 'Favourite', I use it interchangeably to say "appreciate", "acknowledged", "liked". But never did I look back in my favourites list to use them as bookmarks.

@nicksellen @mike_hales Interesting -- for me SC is largely about DMs, video calls, and emails, with individuals and small groups, framed by various shared interests, concerns, projects...

@Matt_Noyes @nicksellen @mike_hales
Lately I have been posting about if and how to use fedi as an organizational medium. Don't know yet if and when and how it will work. Waiting until some new fedi apps get ready, like @bonfire

But here in social.coop we gotta a lotta people involved in co-ops. Should be able to do something...?

@bhaugen @nicksellen @mike_hales @bonfire One first thing we could do is simply an event on how to organize a cooperative mastodon instance...

> how to organize a cooperative mastodon instance

Is social.coop an example of what you have in mind? Or maybe something more extended into the "real world"?

@nicksellen @mike_hales @bonfire

@bhaugen @nicksellen @mike_hales @bonfire Just a small step, starting from something we currently share...

@Matt_Noyes @bhaugen @mike_hales @bonfire

I think there is great potential for many more co-operative instances.

it addresses the criticism of mastodon/etc that you merely switch from having twitter/facebook as your overlord to some random person running an instance who might go away, be horrible, whatever.

I see the potential for them as spaces for deepening cross-collaboration in a particular space (geographical or interest-based).

thanks @nicksellen !
Key advantage of co-op fedi instance: "you *Do NOT* switch from having twitter/facebook as your overlord to some random person running an instance who might go away, be horrible, whatever" - instead you can be a member of the co-op that runs the instance.

@Matt_Noyes @mike_hales @bonfire

@bhaugen @nicksellen @Matt_Noyes @mike_hales @bonfire

I always love your questions Nick! It's like you turn on a light and hold up a mirror.

I realize how I think about social.coop is like walking in to a room with loads of graffitti on the walls. I get to read what people have written, and the bonus is, if I have questions or ideas about what I've read... I get to message them about it instead of scrawling something underneath and hoping they'll come back later and see it!

A few years ago there was a long(ish) lived thread that was a list of coop run instances. Dont know where that is now?
Of the top of my head there is sunbeam.city darkpeak.org @hostsharing & a few others I forget now that may or may not still be running
....actually just thought to have a look at the SBC wiki and found this (there isnt actually a FeDI - but its a list of such instances) wiki.sunbeam.city/doku.php?id= @Matt_Noyes @bhaugen @mike_hales @bonfire

@Matt_Noyes @bhaugen @nicksellen @mike_hales @bonfire I'd love to go to that event. Yunohost makes the tech of getting & maintaining an instance easy, but coop governance for one is a mystery.

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