"Informal leaders do not receive financial compensation for their work or seek attention for it. Instead they operate out of love for their community and a natural desire to sustain it." (

I don't know if this thinking is the problem or the solution.

I do want to "definancialize" how we do many things, but also see important roles unrewarded, and so missing support for their reproduction.

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@nicksellen Not receiving financial compensation works, when you are fed and hosted by a community. For how many of us is that true?

@jayrope exactly, not many.... but with some more co-ordination to provide for our core needs (food, housing, child/social/age/disability/heath care, etc...) within a community in definancialized ways, it could be more possible.

I work on @karrot and one of the founding purposes of a house project near Leipzig was to support people to work on the software ( search "open-source").

(it didn't quite work out that way though)

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