Has anyone got any experience in relicensing a codebase from MIT to AGPL?

Ideally, an actually real case of it, with any of the complications or niggles that might arise.

@nicksellen HackMD / CodiMD / @hedgedoc !

The original codebase was MIT, and we relicensed when a commercial product and a community project were formed.

Here is where we announced it:

The discussion was among the most involved contributors, and then we asked everyone to sign them being OK with it:

@nicksellen @hedgedoc This becomes increasingly difficult with more contributors, of course, but that is - I think - a good thing. A license is a contract for everyone involved that sets the terms what will be done with their contributions. I think such a change _should_ be somewhat difficult.

This is also the reason why I do not like CLAs where developers (and other contributors!) give up their own rights to their code. I think this is putting too much power in to too few hands.

@nicksellen @hedgedoc I should mention that the AGPL3 community project now lives here: hedgedoc.org/

@claudius thanks!

I think contributor agreement is unlikely for the forked project, this has 185 contributors (from "git shortlog -s -n") and we are a fork which itself was a fork from a starter project (including all those contributors). These 185 contributors are not even part of our project!

Given with MIT you can incorporate the code in a proprietary product, I wonder how to do that (distinguishing which code is MIT and which is proprietary), and whether that is an option...



@claudius @hedgedoc

... also, whilst I'm here, thanks for hedgedoc, I use it multiple times a week across a couple of projects.. πŸ‘

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@nicksellen @hedgedoc β™₯
Most of the love goes to the current developers and maintainers. I have to admit that I personally am struggeling to find the time to contribute at the moment. But I did forward your post to the current developers :-)

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