β˜• I'm going to hold a Community Cafe session:

πŸ₯• Hands on introductory session about Karrot community organising tool: "Start a group, become a community" --> @karrot

πŸ“… 6th July (2021-07-06) - i.e. Tuesday next week

⏲️ 9am West Coast USA
⏲️ 12pm East Coast USA
⏲️ 5pm London
⏲️ 18:00 Central Europe

☎️ call link TBC

πŸ‘¬ Pinging people who might be interested @Matt_Noyes @neil @dazinism @kawaiipunk @ntnsndr @mariha @bhaugen

πŸ‘₯ have a play!

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@karrot @Matt_Noyes @neil @dazinism @kawaiipunk @ntnsndr @mariha @bhaugen

Reminder: This is happening later today:

⏲️ 9am West Coast USA
⏲️ 12pm East Coast USA
⏲️ 5pm London
⏲️ 18:00 Central Europe

☎️ call link -->

(or in info a fresh toot I made today

@ntnsndr in theory we could, but I just tried out a short recording, but nothing shows up in the interface, just says "You currently have no recordings." :/

Maybe there is a minimum length?

@nicksellen Oh darn, I was wondering if recording really works at @Matt_Noyes any experience with that?

@ntnsndr @nicksellen Yes, it works fine. The thing is, it takes time (15-30mins?) for the recording to be converted. Once it is converted you can download it my opening the recording in a browser window and then right saving the video. @emi and I have used it for several interviews and had no trouble.

@ntnsndr I forgot to start the recording right at the beginning, but it's available at now πŸ‘

@nicksellen @karrot @Matt_Noyes @neil @dazinism @kawaiipunk @ntnsndr @mariha

Tried to have a play. Signed up, verified my email, the playground page keeps telling me to verify my email. Verified three times, keeps telling me to verify my email.

Giving up.

@bhaugen oops, not sure what happened there! we definitely have a few rough edges that could do with a polish.

I'll see if I can look into your specific case, do you have any more details?

@nicksellen @bhaugen

"Everything is in beta till just before it becomes obsolete."

- one of my engineering lecturers in the late 1980's :D

@nicksellen Sorry I couldn't make it today, but thanks for the tag and keen to learn more about karrot otherwise

@neil no problem :) how about we have a call soon anyway? I think there's probably a lot of topic/interest overlap.

@bhaugen @lynnfoster to clarify, are you referring to the concept of doing a prototype like that, or the details of the prototype itself?

Enjoying the enthusiasm in any case 😎

@nicksellen @lynnfoster
I was referring to the concept of doing a prototype like that.

I also wandered thru the organizational connections between Karrot and its relatives. Pretty interesting. Quite a history!

Would make a good blog post if you are up for it some time...

@bhaugen wondering which connections and relatives you managed to dig up from where! ...

... but yes, I find the history quite interesting, we came on a very winding journey to where we are (is there any other sort though?).


@nicksellen hey, I missed that (and probably many others that you've shared with me?) just re-watched and found it super interesting!

I do (or would like to do) a few other projects in addition to fedihospex, way too many actually, and was thinking if I could reuse it (feels like I could!). Would you find some time to chat about it?

@mariha yes! always have time to chat about karrot πŸ—¨οΈ πŸ₯•

glad the recording was useful! I listened to the first 10 seconds then was horrified, turned it off, and wondered about exploring some "voice"/emotion/identity topics next πŸ˜–

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