Oh, I just realised NewPipe isn't just for YouTube, also has SoundCloud,, framatube (peertube?), And Bandcamp. Nice!

I somehow feel like I should have known that...

@nicksellen the what? But that's great! I've been wanting to explore bandcamp & Soundcloud more


Problem is (as far as I know) that you may only use a single PT instance at the same time...


@d4m13n @chpietsch you can select the instance from the sidebar menu, there is a little arrow on the right. See screenshot.

@nicksellen yes! you can change the peertube instance and add several ones :)

@nicksellen wow! Just realized youtube-dl works for Soundcloud, niceeee

@douginamug @nicksellen although, whilst I've got a self-hosted instance of Alltube (youtube-dl, basically), which is always my first port of call, often I end up using something else... e.g. until a recent update Alltube kept giving me an error on (but just checked again now and now it's working) and so I had to use to get the 320kps audio (and actually, even though Alltube is working with that link again, it still didn't get me that 320 audio)

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