I'm trying to make sense of what my model of personal economy is. Which needs I want to fulfil, material and non-material, and the sources they come from. Acknowledging different modes of value exchange (gift, commons, market, state), and also privileges I have.

I wonder if anybody else here has done this or thought about it and has some ideas for how to model it or represent it visually?

I'm starting by sketching some ideas...

@nicksellen Some form of this in "Six ways to die" and "Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps"

@nicksellen yeh I've done something similar for different areas

@nicksellen I recently did a Tree Test thing where you imagine yourself as a tree and then think about balancing your roots (for nutrients, resources and stability), trunk (strength and flexibility) and branches (what you're putting out, your fruits/ outputs). Do you need to prune back the branches? or to feed the roots? see

@jdaviescoates that's funny you mention it, I've just been on a phone call talking about how I've been using a tree metaphor for (my) life :)

actually, exactly as you're describing it there... (without the trunk separately).

I was also connecting therapy (which I just finished) with the roots part, and coaching (which I just started) with the branches bit (or perhaps a pole to get it started growing).

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