In this "culture war" regarding FSF/RMS most of the commentary I see about the bad things done/said.

I wonder about borrowing a model from the relationship context: the cycle of harmony -> disharmony -> repair.

The most important bit isn't the disharmony, that is inevitable at some point, but the repair.

And this is where I think FSF/RMS really went wrong.

When people bring up a huge range of issues over a long period of time it deserves some serious reflection, healing, and change.

@nicksellen This isn’t a one-sided issue anymore, because the many people who stood behind lies seriously eroded my trust in the part of the free culture community whom I previously thought to be fighting to improve things.

While the FSF did healing when RMS stepped down from being president (and he did not return to being president, only one year later to being a board member), the ones who attacked them didn’t even go as far as saying “I am sorry that I spread very hurtful lies”.

@ArneBab I suspect everybody here is "fighting to improve things".

I saw a bunch of stuff that did seem to misrepresent RMS using quotes without context, and unwarranted criticism of personal eccentricities and neurodiverse traits.

I think that's unfortunate as it takes away from the important wider points from being heard.

FSF/RMS are in a great position for hearing those points, and they seem to have chosen not to. This calls for a sensitive reading of the mood. Listening, not speaking.

@nicksellen I’ve mostly listened for a while now, only giving short answers when something went too deep into slander.

But I see a wider point that gets me to speak up: In the wake of the attacks on FSF and RMS several people are pushing for changes that harm free software, and I’m sure that I would say “lots of people” if I had looked into more places.

They use the same tactics of lies and emotional manipulation to immunize people against reason.

And that is worrying.

@nicksellen And yes, I think that most people here are fighting to improve things.

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