I heard an otherwise wise and insightful sounding therapist saying on a podcast that we have more mental complications arising now as we have advanced as a society and so have to deal with issues higher up Maslow's hierarchy of needs when previously we were dealing with the necessities but now we deal with topics like self actualisation.

It sounded plausible for a moment, but something bothered me.



Then I thought that non-western cultures and civilizations have spent plenty of time with topics of self actualisation and spirituality.

I think the claimed increased in mental complications is more to do with our screwed up separated way of being.


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The narrative that we most be progressing is quite persistent. Even when faced with mental health crisis it must be because we've done so well as a society, we're just uncovering new problems!?!?! Right????

This is where I want therapy to be more embedded in politics, activism, and spirituality.

3/3 😊

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