There is that story of the architect / urban planner who waited to see where people walk first before deciding which bits to pave into paths.

I wish that idea had been scaled up to all of society. Let people be free to do their thing, then build infrastructure to support them to do those things.

So many things we have to interact with are clearly designed with a purpose other than just to support us to do our thing. Social welfare, land use laws, citizenship rules, social media algorithms.

@nicksellen I think this applies to how we organize ourselves, so we should create working groups or circles when people are working together, not create circles and then try to populate them...

@Matt_Noyes I agree!

The generalized concept to me is to support people. Specific individual people. With their specific individual needs.

Perhaps the same concept from another perspective/context is:

"A street movement that has been largely divorced from all other struggles will never hold within it the strategy, tactics or resolve to truly win. What’s clear is that salvation lies in working together – in throwing our weight not behind organisations, but behind each other."

@nicksellen in fact, many of the tools we use today are designed to *alter* our behaviour.

@nicksellen I have my skeptical-of-human-'nature' glasses on reading this.

Some people 'doing their thing' would stop other people from doing theirs.

Also, many features of our society that may seem like bad design, might actually be well designed—for 'bad' purposes.

@douginamug I have a positive view of "human nature", that we are basically curious/caring/creative beings that get emotionally scarred along the way, with little space for healing.

So, the idea being if we designed to support and nurture these positive human traits, they thrive!

We do the opposite currently: design for greed/envy/ego to thrive.

People "doing their thing" deeply includes co-operative behaviours that balance each others needs.

Healthy individuals care for each other ❤️

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