There's a culture of tech that is about humans interacting with machines. As if it's only a logical/technical activity. No room for emotions and all that soft stuff.

Then another culture of "tech" that's really about rich people extracting wealth (via data) from other people. Harnessing tech for some goal.

I want the culture of tech, where it's about people interacting with people, with an unobtrusive technology layer to facilitate an essentially human activity. Tech as a supporting tool.

@nicksellen I like the phrasing I heard recently of "tech as a teammate," from Fred Hebert's "You Reap What You Code."

I've been hearing the same idea with lots of different phrasing from lots of different folk.

That is to say, I think there's a /lot/ of folk currently re-assessing their relationship with technology, and so the culture you want will probably start emerging in the form of public communities over the next year or so ^_^

@emsenn nice! Thanks for the Fred Herbert introduction.

I'll try reading the article --> (I'm just about finished reading Tools for Conviviality and Illich is mentioned in the article, so seems fitting).

I find some people online that really embody this other tech culture, but I won't be satisfied until I actually see it with my own eyes in my own local community. I think I have some work to do there :)

@nicksellen I think Illich might give a good perspective on just generally avoiding harmful patterns, as people who try and develop our tools.

@nicksellen that’s why big tech needs to colapse. For the good of all of us.

@ganska @nicksellen yeah, we will see. The current downward trend(check the stock market) of pretty much all of them is pretty strong. If it continues they will lose a lot of power and I feel like many people are getting these ideas of decentralization so the fediverse is in a good spot.

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