Self-hosting conundrum.

After having taken the time to set up YunoHost, I've saved myself a little money and feel empowered.

However, I now have no direct imperative to financially support some orgs/projects I like and was supporting (GreenNet, Wallabag, etc).

I could self-host and donate, but then it probably ends up costing more if you factor in time and money combined.

I wonder if the purity of self-hosting everything goes a little too far.

I think perhaps my preferred middle ground would be ownership of data, and remunerating orgs I like to administer apps that operate on that data.


@neil I've ended up on either side of the purity argument. I've initiated projects to used closed-source capitalist products, and also left projects (partly) because they wouldn't move to open source.

the approach I would like to see more of is making explicit compromises, to say "we *would* use the cool open source one if....".

to be able more clearly seperate values and practicalities. over time the practicalities can change so it becomes viable to align closer to values.

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