I just deactivated all my slack accounts πŸŽ‰ 🍾

I had put some effort into migrating away, and we managed to move @karrot to, but the discussions easily just go on for ever about mattermost vs vs matrix, etc. with little action.

I can actually just set up these alternatives on the technical level, but if the social level is not aligned not much point.

The most important considerations to me are not the technical pros/cons, but how it will be for the people.

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@nicksellen @karrot great to hear you're making the move. We've got a bunch of different communities (primarily here in NZ) using RocketChat (we've got several instances, with the public one at, and the reception has been entirely positive...

@nicksellen @karrot Are you happy with We'd like to move from Slack, and completely agree on the people point.

@neil @karrot mostly. It's definitely not as polished as slack. Feels a little buggy in places. Push notification setup is a bit annoying as you need to go through their gateway if you want to use the pre-built app store apps (see Most people I asked don't actually care so much for push, it's just distracting!

Not sure what alternatives do there. App stores and push notification infrastructure was not designed for flexible self hosting use cases 😞

@neil @karrot most people switched over ok, some people I think maybe check it less regularly now, as it's yet another place to visit, and somebody found the interface harder to navigate which preventing them interacting so much.

Some people I think get confused that by default it's showing thread replies in the main channel, but smaller. Mattermost is like this too. Everyone trying to solve the "interesting discussion in a thread that's scrolled way up the page that you didn't even see" issue.

@yala @karrot nope, was there something specific there you were pointing me at? I don't think I quite understand the connection, happy to be enlightened!

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