Now I'm out of quarantine, I got started with Street Complete app [1] to contribute to open street map in a nice easy gamified way. I managed to add 98 things in a short walk, whilst chatting with my dad too.

Thinking it could be a nice activity for lots of people, a bit more motivation to get out the house, and engage in a low key way with the area.

Wondering how long it takes to be available in my OsmAnd app....


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@kawaiipunk @nicksellen

Street Complete adds your changes to the OSM servers / database immediately.

The servers then regularly update the (non-vector) map tiles you see at, so you'll see your changes here first.

I believe the people running OSMAnd pull the data regularly from the openstreetmap servers, then offer it to users every month or every OSMAnd update or something. HOWEVER, I get updates to the map every hour, meaning you could have your changes on OSMAnd very quickly.

I use the F-Droid version of OSMAnd which has their service enabled which gives you superfast updates. The service is called "OSMAnd Live"

@kawaiipunk @nicksellen tl;dr it's hard to say, but at least every month or so. manually check for map updates in osmand, if you are offered one and it's a few days after you made your map changes, they'll show up in the update.

@pfx @kawaiipunk that's the kind of answer I love 😍

Here's one of my updates online - adding the fact that the bench has a back to rest on.

Oh, I think this could get addictive...

@nicksellen just installed! Thanks. I've been looking for ways to contribute back to OSM for all the benefit I get. (The Colorado map has great support for hiking trails!)

@nicksellen I went on a walk with the app the other day and had a lot of fun. It focused my attention on things I hadn't noticed about my neighborhood, like how many street lamps there are on a block.

@clayton haha exactly! ... as a kid I used to memorize data from the back of car magazines, but stopped, obviously quite useless...

... but if I can memorize this stuff, I'll know all the unlit paths (for safety), the benches with backs (for old people to rest on), the bus stops with shelters (for when it rains), which toilets have wheelchair access, and all the local opening hours! I'll be like a walking encyclopedia!

... I fear my memory has rotted a bit since my car days though...

#StreetComplete does sound neat. :P

Where are the photos hosted? Has a decentralised system been constructed for it yet? There was a #centralised service called #Mapillary, we were mildly suspicious of it from the moment we saw it. They subsequently got bought out by #Facebook.


If its not decentralised yet maybe a #placeDisplay system might be good in #ActivityPub? We'll need to do some research perhaps?


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