Years ago I created a kind of programming framework thing that would be able to generate a visual graph of the application logic, I just found this screenshot and find it surprisingly readable.

I still like this kind of idea, although at the time I developed it in a total vacuum, and didn't really think about who might use it very much.

I would love having easier visualisation of the logic, and also allow non-coders to be able to answer questions like "When will notifications be sent?".


@bhaugen back then I looked at various ones, for mine though the visual component was just an output of it, not what you would write code with.

I think when you write code visually you end up with (from LabVIEW).

I think the problem with most of these is they are totally seperated from the rest of the programming ecosystem. A bit all in or nothing. Hard to incrementally shift over, more paradigm shift. I let that dream go :)

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I know what you mean.

I used some visual GUI wiring things back in the day. They had a lot of green arrows connecting components. Eventually the screen turned into green slime.

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