I'm really enjoying some more productive work on @karrot in the last few days with this nice cosy desk setup, thanks to kanthaus for having me here.

I've been adding the first part of custom activity types (pickups, meetings, events, etc.), geoip to show local groups more prominently, saving message drafts, playing with new cool vue state management techniques, and maybe more.

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@nicksellen @karrot Nice, I know freegle uses vue too, and we've just started using it on restarters as well. I'll have to check out the karrot codebase.

@neil @karrot yup, I've been very happy with vue, using it with I was contributing to freegle for a short time, it's using

The data management got complex in karrot. I'm exploring switching from vuex to the new composition API (reactive(), computed(), etc).

State is so complicated once all the realities have been added in: pagination, filtering, loading, validation errors, network/server errors, caching, offline, dependent data, clearing...

@nicksellen @karrot awesome to be able to build such an important project in such a lovely spot.

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