Last week I took part in some gleaning action (actually authorized by the farmer).

The harvesting machinery was still in the field so we got to look how it works.

The machine that first passes chops off the tops, and the next machine pulls them out the ground.

... but it chops off quite a lot off the top that is discarded in the field.

The photo attached shows the worst case I found, others were less bad, but overall a huge amount of edible carrot was still attached to the green bit.

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... and I only described the wastage from the carrot top there.

This photo shows a small proportion of the rest that is left behind in the field.

... oh and there was a very scared little mousething in the field, having been deprived of it's nice cover.

It looks pretty chill in the photo, but it seemed like it was about to have a heart attack.

Plenty of large birds circling around. Run little mousething run!

@nicksellen Also, can't you grow new carrots from the tops afaik.

@kawaiipunk I didn't know that, so maybe all those discards were actually to "seed" the next crop!

.. although I somehow doubt it, the internet tells me you need to get some nice roots to grow first before putting them back into soil

@nicksellen yeh I mean, you can put them in water and the regrow some roots etc as you said.

@nicksellen @nicksellen I pulled up carrots by hand for a couple of hours last week. The soil was loose enough, I generally got the whole carrot and didn't loose tips or tops. It was not difficult work. Now: what to do with the 55 carrots that are still left?

@CaitlinWaddick it's a wonder these carrot things, they just grow right there in the ground!

I find this other kind of industrial food production so alienating, would it really be so hard for people to harvest their own carrots from small scale local agriculture projects?

Would keep people active and perhaps socially engaged. This carrot gleaning, even though the landscape was quite barren, gave a big boost to my mood.

... but so hard to compete with this kind of scale ...

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