I'm a bit dissatisfied with the whiteboard feature in big blue button (it's like you only have permanent marker pens - no editing afterwards).

I went on the search for another tool and came across - there is no public/free/open instance, but I deployed it for a project and quite happy so far.

If you're curious and want to play around you can try it here -->

@nicksellen Nice to see Spacedeck is still around, and even evolved. There are some really nifty lovely pieces of Software.

@yala yup! it's been inspiring me to think of various use cases for it.

We had a whiteboard session last week and I found it a very nice creative collaborative process, allowing us to all work simultaneously on the same thing, kind of building a visual map of our thoughts/ideas.

@nicksellen Maybe that's also helpful for me when working with communities that don't share my affinity to technology.

Sometimes its just nice to be able to draw a common picture together, and also nice to keep documentation as a reference point for later.

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