Oooh finally set up automated updates for Aurora store and f-droid. Previously having to manually confirm each install made it much less likely I would keep the apps up to date.

Would be nice if the process was more accessible though. Fiddling around with adb is not very user friendly.

@nicksellen How did you do this? I'm on LineageOS with any Google applications.

@arran for f-droid I followed this guide - although using the "adb sideload" command.

For aurora I followed the steps here - I pushed the APK and permissions file and manually put them in the right place. I have the "su" addon to be able to get root in adb shell.

The auto updates for aurora didn't seem to work, but at least now it's just one push to install all updates. Auto update for f-droid worked, although I have them both on manual now.

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