I'm starting an indefinitely long bike trip soon, and have been pondering about whether, and how, to share stuff online as we (me and my gf, and any other joiners) go.

Travel blogs bore me. I don't want to just show the nice bits and make people feel shit about life. I'm not that practised at writing online.

Last trip I posted short videos to this account, but that's not very accessible to non-mastodon people. I'm thinking to setup wordpress with activitypub plugin.

Any ideas or thoughts?

@nicksellen if you are more a talking person than writing, you could record with a very cheap setup to a phone and add pictures to the voice. Some wordpress-audio-players for podcasts are capable of that.

@syndikalista I actually do like writing a lot, and want to try more, but find it hard to find a voice, or the topics. Never sure who exactly I'm writing for.

I like the idea of just doing some voice. I actually tried making some low key "podcasts" with my gf before but we lost momentum.... Maybe can revive it.

The content is another question though....

@nicksellen most current phones not older than 3 years are also quite potent in filming short sections. But here the distribution is harder.
Writing...well it is hard to find a voice and listener when you avoid to do the writing and publishing.
Low key podcast sounds good to me.

@syndikalista on my last trip I settled on short MP4 videos on my camera (Sony a5000), then sent to phone to convert to lower bitrate (some app off fdroid), and upload to Mastodon via tusky. No editing capabilities though.

It worked technically. But time is quite limited to not make the conversion too slow or too long to watch. Hmm.

I wonder what kind of content people would find interesting?

@nicksellen cant you transfer from Camera to Laptop and ffmpeg it? Or even do the ffmpeg on the phone with Tmux?

Dont know about the recipients, i like to discover people putting stuff up without clear purpose or for the purpose of sharing stuff that is interesting to them.

@syndikalista the fdroid app is basically a wrapper around ffmpeg I think. I'll have a laptop but not much power for it.

Yes, I like the idea to just focus on what interests me. I have no idea of the audience either. Although I do want to be accessible to friends and family as well as fediverse people.

My fear is it prevents me from properly engaging in my immediate environment.

@nicksellen I didn't follow your last trip directlyβ€”but many other people did and loved the videos!

As for medium, activitypub + website sounds really cool. Would be interested to hear about the state of play with that :)

@douginamug I setup a test wordpress instance with activitypub plugin, and it seems to work at least in a basic sense

Seems one feed per author. And first level replies on Mastodon got pulled in as comments, but replies to replies didn't.

Normally I like static site generator approach, but wordpress as an android app for publishing, and seems reasonable....

I think some rough edges might come out though. The plugin is only in beta.

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