I bought 6 new books today for my (secondhand) kindle, and managed to avoid amazon entirely!

plutobooks and verso books are nice and DRM free already. but I also got some from which supports local bookshops apparently... but it uses adobe digital editions DRM and getting the DRM off those was very painful.

lots of fiddling with wine basically.

@nicksellen ooh, I've also had some experience with adobe DRM - did you use calibre (with plugins), or something else?

@idmyn exactly, with DeDRM, and Adobe digital editions 2.0 installed in wine. Also needed to install python and pycrypto inside wine for DeDRM to do it's work.

I failed for a while trying to directly run .msi files to install stuff in wine, not realising it needs "msexec /i" first.

Also took a while trying with various versions of dot net framework. Settled for 3.5sp1 from winetricks.

Latest Adobe digital editions apparently uses different encryption, and calibre 5 is python 3 so no DeDRM.

@idmyn the whole thing feels a bit fragile and slowly getting more and more archaic.

I wonder if there is a better way. DRM-free in the first place is nice. Or maybe just buy the books then torrent to get DRM-free versions.

Yeah it does sound like a massive pain πŸ˜… so I can totally see the logic in "outsourcing" that DRM removal work to people running Windows/macOS who don't need to fiddle with wine!

@idmyn it doesn't solve it entirely, as DRM removal needs your specific account/key setup to decrypt, it can't just decrypt any old ebook.

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